Eclat Vitamin C Serum Is Like Botox for $7


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When it comes to products that make your skin glow like you’re living in an eternal golden hour, vitamin C is the first and last stop. Over the span of a few weeks, it dials up your lit-from-within radiance so much that walking away isn’t an option, unless you want to return to the black-and-white infomercial-style days of BVC, aka Before Vitamin C, a period of time historians will eventually recognize.

It used to be that most drugstore vitamin C serums cost upwards of $20, and the popular one that arguably launched the craze, SkinCeuticals’ C E Ferulic serum, runs for $166. The past couple of years have given us a wave of affordable, appealingly-priced vitamin C formulas—and according to Amazon shoppers, Eclat’s 100 percent organic, vegan glow juice is one of the best you can get for any price, let alone just $7. 

The brand is fittingly named, since the French word translates to a “brilliant display or effect.” Over 10,000 five-star ratings on Amazon agree that the serum is, in fact, brilliant, with just under 100 five-star reviews mentioning how extraordinarily the formula rids them of deep and fine lines while maximizing how bright and smooth their skin looks. Per the brand, the product’s secret is that it includes 20 percent of the most potent, stable form of vitamin C, sodium ascorbyl phosphate. That’s joined by aloe vera leaf juice, pore-minimizing witch hazel, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, ferulic acid, and retinol, which is the most effective line-tightening ingredient in the skincare field.

Pre-serum (BVC), one shopper says their skin was dull, had red patches and scars, and was just not looking its best. “When I tell you the difference happened OVERNIGHT when I used this serum,” they say, joining the chorus of 55 reviews mentioning how well it works in record time. “The next morning my skin was literally radiant, red patches completely gone and some of my lifelong blemishes even starting to budge. Honestly and truly a life changing product.” 

Breakouts that spun into overdrive with masks take a breather, others say, as the serum intervenes against dry skin aching with acne. One reviewer who works on cruise ships in the U.K. says their skin is always a dry, flaky, and aggravated nightmare on-board. But with two weeks of use, things turned around. “My skin has never looked better,” they write. “I’ve even decided I don’t need to resort to Botox to get rid of the wrinkle between my eyebrows, as this has done the job!” On the subject, another shopper likewise dubs it “Botox in a bottle.” 

If a stressed-out cruise ship staff member says it, that’s high praise indeed. Much like Botox, insurance won’t cover the serum. But unlike it, you won’t need to spend a bundle for results.

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