Dr Simon Ourian, the cosmetic dermatology wizard who can transform you into a bewitching persona through his sculpting

Dr Simon Ourian, the cosmetic dermatology wizard who can transform you into a bewitching persona through his sculpting

Hollywood – arguably the foremost image-conscious lot in the world, have allegedly had a few aesthetic corrections from specialists to enhance their appearance.

In the US, where aesthetic specialists are as celebrated as their clients, Dr Simon Ourian, whose clinic is located in Beverly Hills, is a celebrity himself having worked on tons of celebs, models and A-Listers. Known for some of the best sculpting results that dollars can buy, his Epione Clinicturns out a few of the prepossessing beauties in town.

Kim Kardashian in the past has set the digital world on fire revealing her ‘to die for’ body proportions and beauty, her sibling Khloe now has set the online world on fire with her shockingly awesome photoshoot revealing her glamorous new look which has brought the netizens drooling and asking for more. Her picture-perfect figure and face from striking angled forehead and full bowed lip to the grabbed midriff and relatively sprightly back has set the internet world abuzz and tongues wagging.

Restorative specialists and fans guessed on what the celebrated reality star did to change herself into this new flawless alluring look of hers. Some speculated that her etched confront was a result of going under the knife or non-surgical fixing through laser techniques. There was a lot of noise on social media with one asking Khloe Why you look so different” to which she wittily replied “ Because of my weekly facial transplant sessions” her new look debut created an uproar by many posting I Love you Khloe”  to You look Gorgeous”.

The Kardashian sisters have been spotted moving in and out of Dr Ourian’s Beverly Hills clinic on many occasions and recently when Kim posted a video of her getting beauty treatment from the specialist in her crib fuelled rumours that the man behind the transformation of Khloe was none other than the Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist to the stars, Dr Simon Ourian, also burying speculations that the look was a result of an invasive, but safe and effective procedure.

Dr Ourians expertise and craftsmanship can be experienced by contacting him through his website – www.epionebh.com and his Instagram page www.instagram/simonourianmd1.

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