Dr. Ran Rubinstein Now Offering Earlobe Repair Services


Dr. Ran Rubinstein and the cosmetic team at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists are happy to announce the addition of earlobe repair services for people with damaged or misshapen earlobes. This minimally invasive, yet effective cosmetic surgery helps patients with torn, stretched or damaged earlobes to regain their confidence.

The addition of earlobe repair to the practice in Newburgh means that anyone who struggles with the appearance of their earlobes can improve their self-esteem by correcting damage caused by heavy earrings, gauges, or an injury, with little to no downtime. No matter the source of stretched or torn lobes, Dr. Rubinstein and his dedicated team can help patients enjoy beautifully reshaped earlobes.

Recent fashion trends for people of all genders have led to the increased use of gauges to stretch the earlobes. While the stretching process simply takes time and patience, repairing it requires surgery. This procedure is actually quite involved as the stretched hole has to be lifted up to rejoin the tissue just below the ear so the lobe retains a round shape.

This procedure can also help anyone who has suffered an injury that tore a lobe or those whose lobes have simply stretched over time from wearing heavy earrings. Patients can have their ears re-pierced after they have recovered from surgery if they wish to continue wearing earrings, although it is possible that the tissue could stretch out again.

Prospective patients should be prepared for a detailed consultation prior to their procedure to minimize risks and reduce the potential for complications. The ultimate outcome is to make the earlobes look as natural and unobtrusive as possible. After surgery, the earlobes will complement a person’s facial aesthetics, rather than command attention.

Patients are given a detailed set of instructions prior to their procedure at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists and very specific aftercare instructions. Following all aftercare instructions is critical to a good outcome.

At Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists in Newburgh, NY, patient safety and natural-looking results are the top priorities. Dr. Ran Rubinstein and his team offer top-notch care and incredible outcomes. Dr. Rubinstein studied plastic surgery at the University of South Florida and has more than 15 years of practice in cosmetic repairs in the greater New York area. He offers a wide range of surgical and non-invasive procedures including facial surgery, body contouring, and injectables.


Dr. Rubinstein and his team can help you regain your confidence. Contact them online at https://www.yourfacemd.com or call (845)863-1772 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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