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Dr. Marco Gutierrez and non-invasive treatments

Dr. Marco Gutierrez and non-invasive treatments


The Medicine I used aesthetic Procedures With it, you can get almost the same results as plastic surgery, but without being aggressive on our skin.

the doctor Marco Gutierrez A specialist in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, he has used various treatments to improve the appearance and complexion of his patients.

What is aesthetic medicine?

It is the field of medicine that was born a few years ago with the aim of introducing it Aesthetic Treatments Non-invasive. This concept also includes antiaging medicine.

What treatments do you do?

In consultation I have two markets. I have young people, between 25 and 40 years old, the idea of ​​this type of patient is pre-regeneration, these treatments, the better we start to do them, because the key to success is prevention The treatments we focus on are moisturizing, facials, tightening, and more. In patients over the age of 45, we have treatments that can be included in the topic of rejuvenation; Here we use treatments such as polylactic acid strings, and fibroblast transplantation, which is a treatment that consists of taking a biopsy behind the ear to send that piece of skin to be transplanted, and within five weeks you receive the fibroblasts, multiplied by millions, to be able to be injected all over the face.

At what age can we begin to undergo these types of procedures?

From six months we have to use sunblock cream. From the age of 18, they can contact dermatologists and cosmetologists so that they can follow a suitable skin care routine that does not need to be extensive; All they need is a good cleansing, moisturizing gel sunblock cream.

Written by Daniela Zambrano



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