Doctor still sharing the gift of healing years after retirement


Len Spillert after his workout at LA Fitness.

Leonard Spillert is just 79 years old. He retired several years ago from his practice as a plastic surgeon, but has not stopped practicing medicine. He can be found on Saturdays at the Mission House where he acts as a primary care physician for those who have none. 

“I’ve been dealt a full house [in life],” he said, trying to explain to his 13-year-old grandson why they were both volunteering at Mission House one day. 

“I then had to explain what a full house meant. I went on to teach him how to play poker during one of our sailing trips,” he said. 

That’s another passion he shares with his wife, Julia, a retired nurse: sailing. 

Len is the son of first generation from Eastern Europe emigrants who moved to New York. He grew up in New York City and became the first member of his family to go to college. After undergraduate school at Tulane, he went to Belgium for medical school. 

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