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Discover High-Tech Cosmetics at Bucky Body Center in Rittenhouse

Discover High-Tech Cosmetics at Bucky Body Center in Rittenhouse


The CryoScience Arctic chamber

Like many businesses trying to navigate opening amidst a pandemic, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Louis Bucky’s new Center City location was delayed for most of the year. But what’s another few months of waiting when your dream project has been over two decades in the making?

“I had the concept for Bucky Body Center from the very beginning, when I first went into practice 25 years ago,” says Dr. Bucky, of his state-of-the-art facility at 1915 Sansom Street that opened in November (buckybodycenter.com). It is his fourth location in the region and his third in Philadelphia, but is a whole new concept in the beauty and wellness industry entirely. “I dreamed of creating a space that had amazing after-care treatments for surgical patients because I believe that health, wellness and optimizing results is ongoing.” As years went by, he says that idea grew to include modern technologies that improved recovery time and had aesthetic benefits.

Bucky Body Center’s sleek reception area

True to its name, the Bucky Body Center offers serious solutions to post-surgery problems with a bevy of high-tech non-invasive, non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments—some of which are available in Philly for the first time. A team of health and wellness experts help clients navigate the treatment menu, choosing from cryotherapy and acupuncture to CoolSculpting, BodyTite and beyond. Surgery isn’t a precursor to taking advantage of all that the center has to offer though. Athletes and those simply hoping to improve their overall appearance and wellness are a big part of the clientele here.

The facility’s delayed opening proved to be perfect timing after all. Cosmetic procedures across the country and here in Philadelphia have skyrocketed in COVID-19 times thanks to more money from less discretionary spending and more time to recover while working from home.

Dr. Bucky says women and men of all ages are booking appointments for fillers, tummy tucks and everything in between, with millennial mommy makeovers especially being popular.

Dr. Bucky’s holistic approach to care and cutting-edge treatments is what sets the Bucky Body Center apart in an increasingly crowded industry. “The services are medically proven and expertly delivered. I’ve handpicked the best treatments from around the world. You will get the results.”

Photography by: Bucky Body Center


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