Dime Beauty’s Growth Serum Transforms Short Lashes


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Thanks to the ingenuity of the beauty industry, long lashes that last are attainable by a method other than professional extensions — it just may take a little patience. Lash growth serums are by no means new, but formulas that provide effective results can be few and far between. With that being said, your odds of seeing successful growth are high with the beloved Eyelash Boost Serum from Dime Beauty, and to top it off, InStyle readers can try it for less with the exclusive sale code DIME20.

The gentle formula contains kind-to-skin ingredients that improve the length, thickness, and vitality of your lashes without irritation. A blend of collagen-rich amino acids, anti-aging peptides, and niacinamide stimulate growth of strong hairs along the lash line that are less susceptible to shedding. For the best results, the brand recommends applying the serum to the base of the upper and lower lashes nightly. As an added bonus, it can also be used on the brows to stimulate growth. 

Proof of its “epic results” can be found within the reviews section; nearly 5,000 shoppers have given the serum a five-star rating and supplied before-and-after photo evidence of visible transformations. One person wrote that they saw “a bunch of little hairs pop up” on their short, stubby lashes within a week of use, with even more growth that came through at the three-week mark. Even more reviewers compare the serum to expensive options they’ve tried in the past, claiming this more affordable serum “works just as good.” 

Even more impressively, dozens of shoppers only had positive remarks to share about the serum after professional treatments wreaked havoc on their natural lashes. “After an unsavory experience with lash extensions, I was left with very sparse lashes. I’ve been using the [eyelash] boost, and in only a few weeks, I’m noticing a difference and new growth,” wrote one. “My eyelashes were shredded after getting a false set, so I had gaps, but this serum was a miracle worker,” added a second.

That’s not all — those who commonly experience flare-ups on their skin from growth serums have found relief with this vegan and cruelty-free treatment. “I am usually super sensitive to eye serums and have had no irritation or redness!” wrote another user. 

Whether you’ve dealt with short lashes all your life, or are in need of a remedy after damaging lash extensions, the Dime Beauty Eyelash Boost Serum could be your saving grace. Don’t forget to use the code DIME20 at checkout to save 20 percent.

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