Dexlevo Introduces Beauty Treatment Technique, ‘GOURI’


Dexlevo, an aesthetic medical device company, attended the international conference on cosmetic formation opening in Paris—IMCAS World Congress on June 3rd-5th, 2022.

The company introduced the excellence and effectiveness of ‘GOURI’ at a symposium—and demonstrated GOURI treatment techniques.

GOURI’s technology wa awarded the “Best injectable Collagen Inducer” at the AMWC held in Monaco last April.

Through the symposium, it was introduced, “The current trend in the cosmetic market is anti-aging, and consumers want natural skin improvement. GOURI satisfies all of the market and consumers’ needs with their natural collagen regenerative effect. Not only that, it is safe compared to competitive products, and the surgical procedure is easy, so the satisfaction level in doctors and patients are both high.”

Dexlevo employee said, “We were able to confirm that the awareness of GOURI has increased through this conference. Given that the conference was held at the same level as before Covid-19, I have gained confidence to respond to the demand in the beauty market that will increase after the endemic.”

The treatment is waiting for approval from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) after clinical completion in Korea, and is aiming to release products next year.

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