Home Plastic Surgery Demi Moore Continues To Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors After Sharing New Photos

Demi Moore Continues To Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors After Sharing New Photos

Demi Moore Continues To Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors After Sharing New Photos


Demi Moore can’t escape plastic surgery rumors as the 58-year-old mom of three continues to look fresh and dewy. She surprised people when she walked the Fendi runway in Paris back in January, but some were shocked to see her tight face with overly accentuated cheekbones. Some accused Demi Moore of undergoing plastic surgery and they commented she is going too far. Demi hasn’t responded to the rumors but she uploaded several new photos to her Instagram account and people are continuing to weigh in on her youthful appearance.

Demi has long been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies and while many women have either struggled with aging and their careers or proudly embraced aging, there are some who are simply defying it. Demi continues to work and model and not only did she walk the Fendi show, but she donned lingerie and appeared in Rihanna’s 2020 Fenty show. Demi turns 59-years-old on November 11, 2021, and it’s hard to believe that the ageless beauty is a senior citizen!

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There are many anti-aging options available and celebrities have more than ample choices to select. Though Demi could be using non-surgical procedures or fillers and botox, many suspect she’s actually gone under the knife to achieve her wrinkle-free, smooth complexion.

Demi posted a photo while wearing a leopard-print beret that she tilted to one side. She donned a pair of glasses and didn’t smile, but it was evident that her face is unusually smooth and doesn’t have one line around her eyes, her forehead, or her mouth.

You may see the photo that Demi Moore shared on Instagram below.

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In a second photo Demi Moore shared, she posed with her daughter Tallulah Willis for a sweet snap. Tallulah closed her eyes and lovingly rested her head against her mother’s cheek. Demi was fresh-faced and makeup-free for the picture.

What do you think about Demi Moore’s new look? Do you think she has gone under the knife? Do you agree with those who say she has gone too far in her quest to remain youthful looking?

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