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De tan or Tan pack at parlour procedure video shot at Cocoon Salon. This training video was done for de tan face only. De tan neck also can be included. De tan helps to remove tan on the face. In India, especially in southern states, the sun is usually very harsh and a lot of people doe to their work and travel get their skin tanned. Skin tone and complexion will be affected.

De tan or tan pack or d tan or tan removal will be a right and good solution as it helps clean the skin and exfoliates the dead skin and the tanned cells. It is not possible to remove all the tan at one go but it definitely helps you get your brighter skin back soon.

De tan also helps in reducing the wrinkles under the eye and on the facial skin. The proper facial massage helps fight the tanned skin and wrinkles.

De tan also helps in improving the skin tone and make the skin breathe more oxygen and blood flow to the area. More oxygen, more blood flow, removal of dead cells and proper massage make the magic is keeping the skin tan removed, good complexion and skin tome and free from wrinkles and makes it glow.

Following is the procedure followed in the de tan video.
De tan step 1: Clean the skin from dust and impurities, makeup etc by cleaning with cold water and then apply cleanser and do gentle facial massage to clear the skin from all the impurities. This massage also helps in improving the blood flow to your skin.
Do the massage for 10 min.

De tan step 2: Apply the desired detan product. In this de tan video, we have Nature’s essence Detan product. Apply the anti-tan product to the face including to the under neck and ears gently.

Leave the de tan product for about 15 min. Then with water in your hands, wet the dried de tan cream on the face and do gentle massage with proper massage steps. After the as the product is little sticky, use the soft-edged object to clear the skin and then clean the face with a cloth.

It is always good to go for regular de tan sessions. visit the nearest parlour. There are various de tan creams in the market and the detan procedure is usually the same.

This de-tan pack usually should not take more time than 20 -30 min.

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