Cosmetic Surgery, New Technology Help You Recapture Days Gone By


There’s never a bad time to undergo a procedure. In fact, one could say the pandemic has presented a perfect set of circumstances. “There aren’t any public events so we currently are experiencing a huge interest in plastic surgery,” says Mark V. Sofonio, a Rancho Mirage-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has performed procedures on more than 10,000 patients and administered dermal fillers, Botox, and laser treatments for many others. His practice offers Vanquish, the newest body contouring and fat reduction technology, in addition to the popular CoolSculpting.

There are as many points of entry into the world of cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation as there are personal goals. Dermal fillers can provide great natural looking results that simply refresh while managing to avoid looking “done.” “If you don’t like the look, they can be dissolved with an injection of hyaluronidase,” Jochen explains. Those willing to wade in deeper might consider one of the four top minimally invasive cosmetic procedures Contour Dermatology offers: NeoGraft hair transplant, blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery), tumescent liposuction, or a mini facelift. In her practice, Cosgrove regularly fields requests for breast implants. Choices hinge on what an individual is seeking to achieve.

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