Chin up! How to slim down your double chin

Chin up! How to slim down your double chin

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Selfies are now a part of our everyday conversation, so much so that it’s hard to believe that the word “selfie” was added to the dictionary just three years ago.

Achieving a good selfie, however, takes a lot of work — and not the kind of “work” you might think.

“I perfected the head tilt, and it was a battle with my friends. I always had to be on the end, so I could take the picture,” says Kristin Raiford, who always wanted to take the selfie because she perfected disguising her chin in photos.

“I’ve always been self-conscious of my chin. I always felt I had a double chin, and even when I was thinner, I thought it was noticeable,” Raiford explains.

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Raiford was willing to get liposuction to improve her chin.

That’s when she heard about the injection Kybella and had a consultation with Laser and Aesthetic Center’s Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse Heather Correa.

PHOTOS: Before, during and after Kybella treatments

Kristin before undergoing Kybella treatments. (Kristin Radford)

Kristin Radford

“Kybella is deoxycholic acid, the same substance that your body uses to break down fat,” explains Correa.

The acid is injected into the chin and upper neck area.

“You feel a little bit of a sting, but it’s a quick couple seconds, and then it’s so fast and easy,” says Raiford.

Minor swelling will resolve within two weeks, and Correa says it’s the perfect alternative to plastic surgery.

“It’s affordable and it’s permanent,” says Correa.

Most people need two or three treatments of Kybella. That will cost you about $2500.

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A less expensive option to reduce the appearance of chin fullness is Thermasmooth, a radio-frequency delivered energy. It delivers heat into the tissues, stimulates collagen and gives a tightening and smoothing effect.

“It’s much more affordable, and it’s going to take more time, and you’re not going to see the dramatic results you’ll see with Kybella,” says Correa.

Thermasmooth runs about $200 a treatment, but you’ll need three to six treatments.

Finally, Correa says topical treatments, like Nectifirm, help with that double chin area as well.

“The topical creams work to tighten the skin and smooth the crepey skin,” says Correa, but it won’t work to reduce a double chin. “It’s about $65, but it’s something you have to use every day, all the time.”

Now three treatments in, Raiford says she’s happy she skipped plastic surgery and chose Kybella as her permanent solution.

“I love how I look now. I feel like I have a jawline. I have had people ask if I’ve lost weight. I think it looks great,” says Raiford.

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