Celebrity cosmetic surgery and tweakment regrets


Katie price, previously known as Jordan, has had multiple cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments over the years, starting with breast enlargements at 18, followed by many more surgeries, botox and liposuction.

While she admitted in 2019 that she thought she looked like a “Space Invador” after undergoing a series of procedures, she also said she didn’t look as “horrific” as she used to in her younger years.

The now 43-year-old told Good Morning Britain at the time that she’d had liposuction from her knees to her waist, as well as having her own fat put into her bottom and procedures to her face.

“My face, I look like a Space Invader at the moment because it’s still really swollen. I do look a bit different,” she said at the time.

But when questioned on her continuous surgeries, she said, “To be honest, I think I’ve calmed it down, because if you look back at pictures of me, in the ‘Dwight (Yorke) days’, I looked like a duck.

“I’d had my lips done, I looked horrific then, but now I don’t look like that. I am older and there’s nothing you can do about skin.”

She is still having procedures, most recently to her face.

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