Brow lifts to lip fillers: 9 experts share their top dos and don’ts when getting ‘tweakments’

Brow lifts to lip fillers: 9 experts share their top dos and don'ts when getting ‘tweakments’

From routine brow lifts to lunchtime lip fillers, in recent years, ‘tweakment’ culture has exploded into the mainstream. Born out of a desire to look good for our always-on lifestyle and live out the filtered ‘perfection’ of social media in real life, the desire for cosmetic enhancements has only been accelerated by the pandemic, as the majority of us now have our faces constantly reflected back to us over Zoom and FaceTime.

According to Jenni Middleton, director of beauty at WGSN, feeling the urge to have tweakments is only going to increase. “With working from home and increased video calls expected even after the pandemic, this trend will continue,” she says. It’s no wonder, then, that many of us might be considering our options when it comes to non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

But how can we ensure that we’re getting the best out of the tweakments on offer? What do we need to be aware of, and what should we try to avoid? To find out more, we asked the experts for some tips.

Dr Ashwin Soni, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, on facial fillers and Botox

  1. “Ask what type of filler your provider is using. There are so many options on the market, some of which are poor quality. I would recommend a filler that is hyaluronic-acid based, not permanent, and one that allows dynamic facial movement.”
  2. “Discuss your aesthetic goals with your provider and whether you are going for a natural look. You can often gauge the provider’s ethos from their website and social media pages by viewing their before and after pictures.”
  3. “Immediately contact your provider if there is any skin discolouration of the treatment area or if you notice significant bruising. The discolouration may indicate a serious complication of filler, known as vascular occlusion, which is when filler is mistakenly injected into a blood vessel.”
  4. “If there is any bleeding immediately after the procedure, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the affected area.”
  5. “Don’t have your first filler treatment just before an important event, such as a wedding. I often advise my patients, who have never had treatments before, to test it out several months to a year before their wedding if they can. If they need a top-up closer to the time, then this can be done if they tolerate the initial procedure and are happy with the results.”
  6. “Don’t focus simply on cost. Many patients can be attracted by cheaper procedures. If providers are cheap, it often means that either they don’t have the experience needed or they’re potentially using cheap ingredients, or both. Remember that if complications arise, it can end up being much more costly, so ensure you know who you are going to for treatments.”
  7. “It can take up to 10 to 14 days to really see the true results, so don’t worry if you haven’t noticed an immediate change after Botox. A Botox brow lift can take up to three weeks to fully ‘take’, so be patient. Your provider should follow up with you after the procedure to check that you’re happy with the results, and that the best result has been achieved.”

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