Brittany Banks: 90 Day Fiance Star Flaunts Tantalizing Cleavage After Plastic Surgery


Brittany Banks is a rapper and a model with an incredible body.

In fact, 90 Day Fiance fans later learned that Yazan was obsessed with her body.

Last week, Brittany underwent cosmetic surgery.

Now, she is threatening to break the internet by flaunting the results.

“Good morning, wish me luck,” Brittany wrote on Instagram last week.

She asked followers: “What do you think I’m having done?”

That loaded question was then tagged with “#plasticsurgery.”

After four days of post-op rest, the results seem to speak for themselves.

Brittany’s photos show her boobs barely being contained by her top.

Seriously … she’s walking the line of what’s even allowed on Instagram.

Brittany had previously invited her fans to guess about her surgery … which is never going to end well.

What she actually had done was a breast lift, an implant exchange, and a scar revision.

Brittany also related to her fans the painful story of why she needed surgery on her breasts in the first place.

Brittany shared with fans that she had an F-cup starting at a very early age.

That was traumatic for her. Massive breasts on underage girls can be devastating.

¬†They don’t merely cause physical problems and making clothing shopping difficult, but can make young girls targets for life-ruining sexualization.

Brittany underwent emergency breast reduction surgery.

However, the procedure left her breasts mauled with unusual scars.

Five years ago, Brittany got implants to correct her breasts and injections to treat her scars.

For a long time, this worked as a solution.

However, Brittany had recently observed that her breasts were “bottoming out.”

This was why she opted to undergo a breast lift in Texas, performed by Dr. Basu.

Many fans responded by showering Brittany with praise, like “walking trophy.”

“Hey Brit … they look great!” wrote another follower.

Another comment reads: “I love the shape you have.”

A number of fans related their own experiences during recovery from surgery.

Others expressed concern for Brittany’s well-being, as she likely needs to wear a bra while up and about during recovery.

Brittany noted that she generally wears one, but opted to forego wearing one for the impulsive photoshoot.

It of course makes sense that Brittany wanted to share the results.

But the people suggesting that she wait longer weren’t just concern trolls.

Four days isn’t even a long time to recover after lesser surgeries. Brittany needs time to heal.

Others, of course, had concerns.

Many could not imagine why she or anyone else would undergo elective surgery during a pandemic.

We’re not just referring to the obvious COVID risk, though that is also a factor.

If anything went wrong, Brittany’s emergency treatment could have taken resources from those being treated for severe COVID.

Fortunately, it looks like things went off without a hitch.

The timing of her surgery or her photoshoot may not have been ideal, to say the least.

90 Day The Single Life Brittany Banks is moving on

But we can all be happy that she is happier with her body.

We hope that Brittany is taking care of herself as her breasts recover.

A breast lift may be routine, but it’s surgery, it’s no joke.

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