Britney Spears Almost Got Plastic Surgery After Dad’s Body-Shaming – SheKnows


There are a lot of women in the spotlight who know and understand what it feels like to constantly have their bodies scrutinized by the media and the public. Among those celebs, Britney Spears knows better than most how difficult it can to subvert that pervasive gaze while trying to retain agency and bodily autonomy. But in a recent Instagram post, Spears got very candid about how years of trauma associated to her estranged father Jamie Spears’ body-shaming comments impacted her enough to recently consider getting plastic surgery.

“It’s crazy living in Los Angeles…I was thinking about getting a boob job…my boobs are fairly small,” Spears began her latest post. After losing roughly “7 pounds in the last 6 months,” the beloved performer was “curious what a doctor would say.” But after a doctor’s visit that didn’t exactly go to plan — “Nobody was there to let us in,” Spears added of her trip to the physician’s office — Spears broke down exactly why she’s paid even more attention to how she looks. You can read the Instagram post in its entirety here.

“Yes I do care and anyone would if you saw yourself the way I have,” Spears continued. “My dad always told me I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun…it was humiliating!!!” The “Toxic” hitmaker previously shared just how difficult life was under her restrictive conservatorship, which finally came to an end in November after roughly 13 years. It’s not even surprising that Spears faced such harsh critiques of her body, notably layered in internalized fatphobia, that have affected her to this day.

“I am absolutely a victim to all the societal objectifications and exploitations that women are subjected to,” Spears wrote, thoughtfully articulating how her body has been commented on, discussed, and objectified for years. After her uneventful trip to the doctor’s office, we’re still not sure if Spears is considering any type of cosmetic procedure. At this point in her life, the choice completely resides with her, and shouldn’t be based on what anyone else has said or thought about her body. But it seems like the pop star has a positive outlook regardless, writing, “I personally believe people can be happy whether they are skinny, old, fat, whatever…if you are happy and have good energy, you are 100% attractive.”

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