Brandi Glanville responds to trolls accusing her of ‘bad plastic surgery’


Brandi Glanville is unfazed by online trolls who deemed her unrecognizable this week due to what they believe is “bad plastic surgery.”

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum shared a meme Wednesday after being questioned about her potential procedures that read, “My GIVE A F–K is still broken, but my GO F–K YOURSELF is fully functional,” captioning the post, “Always functional.”

The clip in question is from the reality star’s “Unfiltered” podcast, where she interviews “16 and Pregnant” star Amber Portwood.

“Is that a Brandi imposter with bad plastic surgery? Holy s–t!!! That’s bad, real bad,” commented one troll, with another adding, “Omg please stop doing botox.”

One more critic added, “Dam brandy looks botox out😂😂I can’t believe that’s her😮 Jesus Christ fix it.”

Brandi Glanville
Glanville dismissed critics trolling the reality star over her look.

“Oh Brandi what have you done to your beautiful face sweetheart 😢,” yet another observer questioned.

While Glanville found herself up against plenty of haters, fans of the Bravolebrity were also quick to defend the television star.

“You look lovely Brandi, sun kissed and natural ❤️,” wrote one fan, with another supporter adding, “You are a total smokeshow🔥🔥🔥.”

Brandi Glanville.
The reality star also had fans defend her within the comment section of her Instagram post.
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One fan took the time to call out the “mean” commentary flooding the star’s account, writing, “I would like to be an antidote to the comments about Brandi’s face. Firstly. It is mean. Secondly, it is mean. I am so SO tired of people commenting from their sofa’s about other’s APPEARANCES.

“No doubt Brandi thought she was tweaking things to make herself feel better in some way AS ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE does in Hollywood. Regardless…just remember this…IT IS MEAN. Public eye or not. Social Media or to someone’s face. MEAN and it WILL come back to you AS EQUAL 🟰 ENERGY. Full stop.”

A rep for Glanville did not immediately return our request for comment.

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