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Botox vs. Fillers – KNBN NewsCenter1

Botox vs. Fillers – KNBN NewsCenter1


Botox V Fillers

RAPID CITY, S.D. – If you are in search of solutions to combat the effects of aging, you may have already heard of Botox and fillers. Common suggestions for making the face appear younger, Botox and dermal fillers are both solutions to treat wrinkles on the face and both are given by injection. However, despite their similarities they work and are used differently.

Nic Yost, CNP, Fnp-Bc and owner of BeautyMed, explains “A lot of people think they’re the same, but they’re two very different products but work very well together.” While fillers replace lost volume, Botox works to lift the face, “Together, I call it magic!” said Yost.

According to Yost, there are multiple brands like Botox on the market, each go by different names, but all share the common ingredient of botulinum toxin. The toxin is injected into the muscle to prevent chemical signaling from the muscle cells to the nerves. This process temporarily reduces contractions, relaxing the muscle and smoothing out areas of the skin. According to Yost, “when you relax certain muscles in can be lifting. That’s why upper face Botox is effective, because the upper face muscles lift instead of fall if they’re injected correctly.” Botox lasts about three to four months and can last longer the more often you get it. Botox’s ability to relax muscles also has other uses besides aesthetics. Injections to the right muscles can stave off neck-pain, spasms, and teeth grinding.

Dermal fillers can consist of different temporary or permanent materials “I typically use fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, and that’s a fairly common filler,” said Yost. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the body and helps to keep skin plump and hydrated. This is a popular filler because it replenishes the body’s natural production of the substance. Fillers are used to do exactly as the name suggests, fill in the areas they are injected into. “As we lose fat pads in our face due to age, fillers are used to replace volume,” said Yost. Fillers can be utilized to treat wrinkles on the face and are primarily used to treat smile lines. Additionally, they can plump parts of the face, such as lips and cheeks. Fillers using hyaluronic acid last about six months before being naturally broken down by the body.

An important thing to consider when choosing between the two is what kind of wrinkles you would like to get rid of. Botox is the better option for dynamic wrinkles that appear as your face moves or is making an expression. These typically include frown lines, crow’s feet, and eyebrow furrows. Facial fillers on the other hand are great for static wrinkles that are visible when the face is relaxed and without expression. These can include lines at the corner of the mouth, along the cheeks, and neck wrinkles.

If you are unsure which solution is the right one for you, Nic Yost encourages her patients to come in for free consultations to assess their needs and point them in the right direction. For more information on BeautyMed and the full list of services Yost provides go to MyBeautyMed.com

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