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BOTOX Tips Straight from Our Dermatology Experts

BOTOX Tips Straight from Our Dermatology Experts


BOTOX® Cosmetic is hugely popular, with approximately $3.2 billion spent on it in just one year (and projections it will grow to $4.6 billion annually by 2024). With so many people using it to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and more, you may be curious if it’s right for you.

Skin Cancer and Dermatology Institute Providers and Cosmetic Specialists answer some common questions to help you learn more about BOTOX here:

Q: How Long Does BOTOX Last?

A: BOTOX starts to work in a few days with full results within one to two weeks and lasts on average three to four months for most people.

Q: Can I Use BOTOX for Migraines?

A: Most patients say it helps with headaches, and if you want to use BOTOX for migraines specifically, you must see a neurologist for the injections. A neurologist usually uses many more units than in Cosmetic Dermatology applications.

Q: How Will I Look After BOTOX?

A: You may see some of the Real Housewives look like they have a “frozen look” after getting BOTOX, where their faces look the same whether they are screaming, laughing, or crying. It doesn’t have to give a frozen look. A Provider or Cosmetic Specialist will work with you closely to ensure your treatment tracks to your personal goals and retaining a natural, “untreated” look is often a goal.

What Does BOTOX Cost?

BOTOX is priced by unit, so the total cost depends on the size of the area and how many units are required.

How do I schedule BOTOX treatments?

Not everyone is a candidate for injectable treatments such as BOTOX due to pre-existing medical conditions. That is why it is so important for patients to have a consultation prior to treatment. During your consultation, a Provider or Cosmetic Specialist will discuss your personal goals and ensure that BOTOX is suitable for you. You can request a Cosmetic Dermatology consultation online at SkinCancerDerm.com or by calling 775.324.0699. 

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