Home Facial Treatments Botox parties can do more harm than good

Botox parties can do more harm than good

Botox parties can do more harm than good


Don't try to do Botox at home.

Everyone wants to look their best at the end of the year holiday parties.

What happens when your friend or neighbor invites you to a Botox party?

Botox parties are popular with those hoping to share the Botox experience without visiting a medical spa or clinic.

Even though it sounds like a fun idea with not having to wait for an appointment and being able to socialize with friends, there are many things to consider before attending a Botox party.

A Botox party is when a host turns their home into a spa for the evening and is rewarded with free product or special discounts.

Susan Hammerling-Hodgers

Sometimes a medical provider comes to administer Botox or fillers to a large group. During this casual and social environment, Botox frequently becomes appealing to first-time users.

Are Botox parties legal?

It’s important to understand the laws and restrictions in your state.

The legality of Botox parties depends on the state where the party takes place.

Connecticut banned home Botox parties in 2016. However, in California, Botox injections aren’t restricted to a certain setting.

Buyer beware and host beware.

“There are several concerning factors when it comes to a Botox Party at someone’s home,” said Dr. Michael Diaz, a Melbourne plastic surgeon. “Probably one of the most important factors is informed consent of the patient.”


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