Botox in the Age of Covid-19

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As the first few days and weeks of sheltering at home began to stretch out in front of us, various shallow concerns began to pop up in between the more pressing matters. Should I drugstore dye my roots? Will my husband agree to give me a pedicure? What happens when I need to get Botox?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), there’s no drugstore-sourced hack for getting Botox, or Dysport, or whatever your neurotoxin of choice is. Nor is there an at-home kit that could possibly do the trick. So unless you’re one of those crazy influencers getting lip injections in lockdown (a thing that actually happened), you had to simply wait it out for your next aesthetic treatment.

With restaurants and salons now opening up in Texas, those waiting may not have too much longer. Though med spas haven’t been given a specific reopening date, many are already updating their practices in an effort to perform aesthetic procedures as safely as possible. To get a feel for what injectables and other aesthetic treatments (many of which can be done wearing masks) might look like in an uncertain future, we spoke with the people behind one of Dallas’ top spas, Enlighten MD, about their plan for keeping things safe.

“I sent an email out two weeks ago stating that it’s not time to reopen. We got a tremendous amount of positive feedback that they appreciate us putting safety first,” Enlighten owner Kari Feinstein says. “We also have a great group of patients that trust us to do the right thing.”

When asked whether or not Dallas clients have expressed a desire to get Botox during the pandemic, Feinstein replied, “Oh yeah, they’re ready. They’re definitely ready.”

With Texas beginning to allow businesses to open back up, how you have been prepping to eventually do so?

Enlighten office manager Noel Patton: We’re very excited to get back to our business, and I know our patients are excited to see us, but we’re safety first, beauty second. We have several protocols in place both for the safety of our staff and for our patients. For example, we’re going to prescreen our patients before they come in. There’s a patient questionnaire that they’ll be answering as well as having their temperature taken.

We will have them at a social distance from other patients while they’re waiting. Depending on the amount of patients that we have, they may actually be even waiting in their vehicles for a short period of time. We’ve got all of those protocols in place as well as for our staff.

We’ve done everything to mitigate as much contact with each other as possible, including a different entrance and exit and safety protocols such as that. We’re also going to roll in our services in phases as well. There are certain things that we feel more comfortable that the patient’s safety is protected and that our staff has protected doing earlier.

enlighten md botox best med spas
The waiting room in Enlighten MD.

Do you know what procedures you’ll be rolling out first?

Patton: Well we’re definitely going to roll out Botox — it’s going to be our very first. Then, we’ll get to everything else as quickly as we can. We don’t want to go too slowly, but we want to be just absolutely as safe as possible, so following all CDC guidelines and all recommendations — best practices for the industry. I’ve been in touch with a lot of consultants and business development people from our different providers. We’re might have an extra level of safety than other med spas.

enlighten md botox best med spas
A treatment room in Enlighten MD.

Do you plan to open Enlighten the day you’re permitted to?

Patton: If we feel like it’s safe to open when we’re permitted to, then we’ll do so, under those specific criteria of safety. If we were allowed to open tomorrow, we wouldn’t. We’re not ready. It’s not time. I guess it’s a little mixture of both, to answer your question.

Feinstein: We just found out salons can open on May 8th and we’re like, “Nobody has to work that doesn’t feel one hundred percent safe.” We just want to make our staff and patients feel safe. I feel so good having Noel because she spent a million hours figuring out how you’re going to enter and exit the building. This elevator is going to be closed and you’re going to wear this mask and this is why. There are just so many decisions.

Right now, the only places I would go to are places where they’re taking safety seriously. A big plan for us is to spend a lot of time on our social media showing people things look like here. Also, we own the building. Rest assured, if you’re coming into the Enlighten building, we are all on the same page that safety is number one.

enlighten living dallas
Enlighten Living, a high-end boutique within the Enlighten building, is currently open by appointment only.

With so many people looking for appointments, how will you manage the influx?

Patton: We are going to make sure that all the patients that missed their appointments are prioritized to get back on the schedule without bumping anyone that has a scheduled appointment. We’ve got a whole protocol to do that so that it’s safe and also fair to them.

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