Botched Botox injection leaves TikTok star with eyelid that ‘droops like crazy’


A TikTok influencer says she underwent a botched Botox injection that left her eyelid drooping “like crazy”.

Lifestyle blogger Whitney Buha, from the US city of Chicago, told her 12,000 followers that the Botox was injected “into the wrong spot”.

While she has made light of the situation, she will “have to wait it out”, meaning it could be “weeks or months” before her eye goes back to normal, she said.

She told her fans that an aesthetician was attempting to balance out her eyebrows by injected four units of Botox underneath Whitney’s left eyebrow to lift it, but instead the blogger was left with a dramatic droop.

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Whitney Buha after a botched Botox procedure
Whitney Buha says Botox was injected in the wrong place near to her eye

But the procedure didn’t go according to plan.

Whitney, who has been having Botox injections around her eyes for three years, described it as a “freak accident”.

She said in a TikTok video: “Wherever she injected the Botox, it went into the wrong spot and cause my eyelid to droop like crazy like how it looks now.”

Whitney Buha shows her drooping eyelid in a TikTok video
Whitney says she will now have to wait for her eye to return to normal

Whitney Buha speaks in a TikTok video
The lifestyle blogger’s videos have more than one million views on TikTok

In one video, which has almost 25,000 likes, a caption read: “Ever wonder what botched Botox looks like? Let me show you.”

Whitney, whose videos have more than one million views, explained that she had ptosis in her left eyelid, causing it to droop.

There was “too much lift” on her right eye, leaving it “too wide open”, she added.

Botox can’t be removed or dissolved, so there is no way to ‘undo’ the effects.

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Whitney, who has met with a number of specialists since the botched injection, will now have to wait for the Botox to wear off on its own.

She is hoping there aren’t any long-lasting effects.

Whitney said in one of her videos: “I have also been told that there are prescription eye drops I can try so I’ll literally go run to the store to get them.

“Otherwise, this could be weeks or months for it to go back to normal.”

Whitney Buha lifts her drooping eyelid
Whitney is hoping there aren’t any long-lasting effects

In her latest video, a doctor explains that the Botox was mistakenly injected into the levator muscle, which lifts the upper eyelid, resulting in the opposite effect to what Whitney wanted.

The Botox should have been injected into the orbicularis, a muscle in the face that closes the eyelids, the doctor adds.

Viewers offered advice and told of their own Botox mishaps in the comments.

Whitney said: “This is super rare. Just find an experienced person to go to.

“I’ve been getting Botox for three years and never had this happen.”

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