Blake Shelton Allegedly Asking Gwen Stefani To Stop Changing Her Face, Getting Plastic Surgery, Unverified Report Says


Are fans begging Gwen Stefani to get off of the fillers? One tabloid claims the No Doubt singer’s obsession with cosmetic surgery is causing problems in her marriage to Blake Shelton. Here’s what we know about Stefani’s new look.

Gwen Stefani ‘Gets Her Freak On’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Gwen Stefani’s “horrified pals” are warning her to ditch the cosmetic fillers. Sources say Stefani “stunned fans” during a recent outing. “It’s no secret she’s been obsessed with Botox and filler for years—but she’s really gone overboard now,” an insider dishes. “She can’t even move her face and her smile looks distorted because of all the filler!”

But fans aren’t the only ones concerned. Sources say Stefani’s husband Blake Shelton is even noticing a problem. “Her friends and even Blake have been on her case to lay off the cosmetic procedures and just be herself,” the snitch confides. “No one would fault her for trying to look young and hop, but she’s getting more and more freakish looking!”

Fans Urge Stefani To ‘Lay Off Freakish Fillers’?

This report is just a poorly veiled insult to Gwen Stefani. The outlet isn’t talking to any “pals” or “fans” of the singer, and they certainly aren’t talking to Blake Shelton. It’s clear that no one involved with this report has any respect for Stefani, and their opinions on her appearance are absolutely meaningless. Stefani is allowed to get whatever procedures she wants; it’s her body and it’s her money. And not that it matters, but Stefani looks stunning as always. In this behind-the-scenes video Stefani posted from her rodeo performance, she clearly has no problem moving her face and smiling.

At best, this story is an over-exaggeration. And at worst, this is a blatant and unwarranted attack against Stefani’s looks, and we just aren’t here for it. While the outlet feigns concern for Stefani’s wellbeing, it’s obvious that it only ever wanted to make fun of her. And on a side note, Stefani and Shelton look more in love than ever.

More Sham Reporting From The Tabloid

This is far from the first time the National Enquirer has gone after Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Last year, the outlet claimed the couple got in a screaming match and nearly called off their wedding. Then the magazine reported the couple was on the verge of a $230 million divorce less than a year after marrying. And more recently, the publication alleged Shelton was feuding with Stefani’s ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. The Enquirer has made it clear that it is no fan of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

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