BLACKPINK’s Jisoo chosen as the most beautiful female idol by South Korean plastic surgeon


Recently plastic surgeon Dr. Min Hee Joon made a video analyzing the most beautiful kpop idols, which included members of various girl groups such as April, Red Velvet, and so on. Ultimately, he picked BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo as the ideal beauty. Jisoo’s face has perfect harmony between western and eastern beauty standards. Jisoo has deep eyes and beautiful double eyelids. Her face is perfectly dimensional. She has a distinctive philtrum which is excellent for physiognomy. Thus making Miss Korea, Jisoo Kim an ideal face for plastic surgery.

Lorry Hill, a YouTuber who does plastic surgery analysis on celebrities has further confirmed that Jisoo mostly likely did not have any cosmetic surgery done, outside of veneers to adjust teeth. 

After TWICE‘s Tzuyu made headlines for her naturally beautiful face being the most demanded by Japanese women for plastic surgery, Jisoo has been the talk of the town for her stunning natural beauty as well. Both YG and JYP entertainment forbid their idols from undergoing any plastic or cosmetic surgery. Thus the Jitzu visual royalty, with their elegant beauty are the epitome of the ideal South Korean and Eastern beauty standard. Plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of, however, these two beauties have nothing to hide in that aspect.

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