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In this video, I am assisting a young man extract a number of very large blackheads that are a result from an increase in sebum production in his skin. This increase in sebum production in teenage skin can be linked to a number of hormonal changes and can cause pore blockages in certain areas of the face.

In this particular scenario, my client has experienced acne breakouts predominantly around his nose, upper lip and chin – these are common stress-points of the face and acne breakouts in these areas can also be treated easily with a number of acne treatments to help control sebum production and reduce the size of pores to help prevent further breakouts from occurring.

Working on teenage skin can be somewhat challenging and so great precaution and care is crucial throughout each step. As a holistic aesthetician and medical massage specialist, I work will natural skincare systems that provide a more harmonious approach in combating problematic skin. I have also found that applying the basis principles of acupressure massage as part of the treatment process can also help reduce stress in the affected areas resulting to ‘stress-free’ facial contours.

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