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Black Owners Of Natural Hair And Skin Brand Opens New Warehouse

Black Owners Of Natural Hair And Skin Brand Opens New Warehouse


The coronavirus pandemic crushed Black businesses, but some were able to thrive including the founders of Herb ‘N Eden, a natural skin care brand.

The founders of Herb ‘N Eden, Terran and Quinton Lewis have not only found a way to survive the pandemic, but the couple has just a new warehouse and hired 35 employees to boost operations.

“When you treat herbs as part of your everyday life instead of just as medicine, you keep your body fortified and ready to fight off whatever is thrown at you. Even in a pandemic,” co-founder Terran Lewis told BlackNews.com.

Herb ‘N Eden sells a wide range of natural products including bar soap, body wash, scrubs, oil and butters, lotion and bath salts. Last year when the pandemic hit, Herb ‘N Eden struggled like every other business to stay afloat and continue production. The post office also made shipments difficult.

Now, with their new warehouse, Herb ‘N Eden can make sure their employees are safe and healthy. Their new facility includes more than 30 employees to help keep their store in Atlanta well stocked and their online orders moving out quickly.

Natural Black hair and body products have been growing in popularity in recent years. Due to large hair and body companies largely ignoring the Black hair and body market, smaller Black owned hair and body care companies including Curls Dynasty, Kinky Tresses and Herb ‘N Eden have all been growing during the 2010s and into 2021.

According to Essence, the Black hair care industry generated more than $2.5 billion in 2018.

That number may have grown more than anyone expected last year. The pandemic shut down hair salons and barber shops nationwide, forcing more Black Americans to naturally grow out their hair and purchase products to manage their hair.

“This is a very interesting time,” Garrett Donato, a Black Catholic school employee in Detroit told Bloomberg late last year. “If you’re Black, your hair is Black hair.”

Many Black female celebrities including Taraji P. Henson and Tracee Ellis Ross and Gabrielle Union have all opened hair and skin care product lines in recent years.


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