‘Black market’ Botox investigation: ‘If you know where you need to put it, nothing goes wrong’ | News


At a beauty clinic above a high street in Wakefield a man in blue scrubs counts 25 points on my face that he plans to inject with an unlicensed anti-wrinkle drug.

The adjoining waiting room features an enormous vase filled with syringes instead of flowers. The walls are decorated with framed pictures of a swimwear model and a former Mrs Universe.

Vilnis Karklins, who says that he trained as a doctor in Latvia but is not registered to practise with the General Medical Council in Britain, warns me that I will need “loads” of jabs for my “very deep” and “long” wrinkles. I am 30 years old, but he suggests that they make me look five years older.

The rise of “black market” Botox

“Maybe stress or something else? Partner? Maybe

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