Australia’s Qr8 MediSkin aiming to offer telehealth and 3D imagery skin care service in SEA


First launched in February 2020 by founder Dr Michele Squire, Qr8 MediSkin develops a customised treatment containing a blend of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for each customer.

According to Squire, typical skin conditions she treats are related to sun induced damage, “particularly in Australia, there is a big problem with sun exposure in Australia, which causes wrinkles or pigmentation​.”

Squire observed similarities between Australia and South East Asia in terms of climates and the type of skin conditions.

We see a really lovely synergy with South East Asia and what we do because we share similarities in terms of climate. A lot of the treatments that we have, particularly in relation to pigmentation are also applicable to South East Asia as well​.”

The firm is currently assessing which nations would be suitable in terms of regulatory approvals.


While there are many prescription-based skin care companies in the market, Squire believes the telehealth element sets it apart.

According to her, “There are a few companies internationally that offer prescription skin care, but they may or may not have a photograph. They don’t do telehealth so nobody’s using this type of technology to really have a look at the patient’s skin and see what’s going on in a virtual sense​.”

The process begins with a detailed questionnaire on lifestyle and skin care issues, after which customers upload photos of their skin, followed by a video consultation with one of QR8’s medical practitioners.

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