ASMR Sleepyhead Spa Facial & Scalp Treatment – pampering roleplay


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hey sleepyhead! this personal attention roleplay includes: hair clipping, face scanning, light triggers, latex gloves, camera tapping, head massage, camera covering, tapping, tongue clicking, face & hair brushing, water sounds, and oil dropper sounds. i hope this video relaxes your mind & gives you some tingles, you deserve it! thanks for watching! xo

00:00 thank you Function of Beauty!
01:56 sleepyhead spa


(tips are absolutely NOT necessary, but some were asking. thank you SO much!)

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hey there, new friend! my name is Tori but you can call me T. welcome to my youtube channel! thank you for stopping by. i was introduced to ASMR in 2014 and i’ve been in love with it ever since. ASMR has helped me sleep, reduce migraine pain and relax when i’m feeling anxious; i hope my videos can do the same for you 🙂 some of my absolute favorite triggers are personal attention triggers, hand movements, tapping, and tongue clicking! i know that ASMR isn’t for everyone, but this is what i love to do. don’t forget to subscribe and i love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment! much love, T.