ASMR Face Massage, Reiki & Spiritual Energy Cleansing, SPA Facial Treatment


How about a relaxing ASMR facial massage, reiki session for spiritual energy cleansing and SPA treatment for skin care? Does it sound good? Then a great experience awaits you tonight!

I will give you a very real massage and reiki experience in first person mode. And with realistic multilayered sounds!

While watching this video I want you to imagine that you just got home and lay in your bed and got a private care session by me.

Delta waves with triangle stone ; First, let me explain this technique, please. Everything in the universe is a frequency. So are people. That’s why I use delta waves, which emit special frequency waves for people with low frequency levels. To heal you!

Face massage ; Who wouldn’t want to get a special facial massage while lying in bed? I made this even more effective with relaxing hand movements and realistic hand sounds.

Reiki & spiritual energy cleansing ; After the massage and skin care service, I will also give you a special spiritual cleaning service. I will remove all the negative energies and stress from your soul with my amateur reiki techniques.

SPA facial treatment ; I will be using a special massage tool for this facial service.

ASMR for sleep ; After all these special ASMR triggers, a relaxing sleep session will be waiting for you.

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