Arizona dentists a step closer to being allowed to use cosmetic Botox, fillers on patients | Government & Politics


Similarly, Powley said fillers might be appropriate after major jaw surgery.

But what dentists in Arizona can’t do, legally, is advertise for patients who simply want to look better rather than having the work be part of a dental treatment plan.

Phoenix dentist Kevin Ortale told lawmakers there’s no reason for the distinction — or the restrictions.

He pointed out that under Arizona law some of these procedures, particularly Botox injections, already can be performed by nurses and others working at medical spas simply because they are practicing under the off-site supervision of doctors, who may have no specific experience in facial issues.

The alternative, Ortale said, is to have “a uniquely talented group of medical professionals, highly experienced with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of injections in and around the mouth.”

Still, there is a financial component.

Ortale told lawmakers his business is down by almost 20% since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and he said he is not alone.

“It hit our community,” Ortale said. “I have waited patiently to embark on this journey utilizing Botox and dermal fillers, hoping to expand and build back my vitality and production within my practice. My team, my peers, my patients and my hours of dedication are ready for this to pass.”

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