Andover doctor spearheads revolution in aesthetic industry

Andover doctor spearheads revolution in aesthetic industry

AN ANDOVER doctor is spearheading a campaign to ensure safety in aesthetics industry by shedding light on the unprofessional practices.

Dr Malaika Smith, 34, an NHS doctor who runs an aesthetics clinic in Andover, said she is concerned about the rising number of complications in treatments done by unprofessional practitioners.

Dr Smith, who has been running Dr Malaika Clinics in Lords Way, East Anton, for nearly two years, said the number of people going for aesthetic treatment is rapidly increasing.

“At the moment there is no regulations within the industry,” Dr Smith said.

“Anybody can inject fillers into people’s faces. When you inject something into your body, there’s a lot risks involved – like infections, bleeding etc. But, with fillers, you can run the risk of causing a blockage in blood vessel that can lead to tissue damage, blindness and very serious complications.”

Dr Smith said she will be heading to London on March 24 as the medical expert for the launch of a safe injection technique set to revolutionise the aesthetics industry.

She said the safer injection technique for lip fillers will ensure people can practise it safely.

“With increase cases of botched non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers, safer aesthetics practices are on the forefront of current news,” Dr Smith.

“The government has confirmed an intention to introduce licensing for non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Botox and fillers.”

“In light of these new regulations, it is more important than ever to keep the patients as safe as possible.”

Dr Smith also gave an advice to people who are planning to go for aesthetic treatment.

“Thoroughly research the practitioner and the treatment you are going for,” she said.

“Make sure they are medical professional, highly trained and insured. You can never ask too many questions and don’t rush into decisions.”

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