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Ami Patel: Be the most beautiful bride

Ami Patel: Be the most beautiful bride


Mirroring a celebrity look on your wedding day is passé. Style your look based on your personality. And don’t forget to do yoga to get that bridal glow!

By Ami Patel

PUBLISHED ON FEB 13, 2021 08:28 PM IST

D-day dilemma

On my wedding day, I want to look like the most beautiful bride ever. But I don’t like the idea of being styled like so-and-so actress from such-and-such movie. I also find the idea of spending lakhs on one outfit absurd. Help!

­—Jitisha Goel, Via email

First of all, I would recommend you do not look at any celebrity for inspiration. Your body type is different, your skin is different, your budget is different. I believe one can only look their best when one brings out their personal style that reflects their own personality and charm. Budget should never be an issue when it comes to looking your best. Put the look together focusing on the fit and cut of the outfit, amazing accessories and cohesive styling. With gorgeous hair and make-up, fresh flowers in the hair and a colour that enhances your already beautiful glow, you will be the most beautiful and memorable bride ever!

Beauty secrets

How can yoga be used as a beauty hack?

—Mariam Sharif, Bengaluru

Beauty is a side effect of yoga. Whether you like it or not, it’s inbuilt in the practise. When you practise yoga all the inner faculties calm down, your entropies cool down and that reflects back not just in your face but your entire mind-body system. It improves blood circulation, hence a natural facial. You will find yourself smiling more and almost feel like happiness is injected into your lips, eyes and cheeks, expressions of anger fear and anxiety will disappear and you will get that enviable self-luminous glow that beats Botox, any day!

Ami Patel is a celebrity fashion stylist, image consultant and faculty with the Art of Living

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