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Altai Balance Review: Blood Sugar Scam Complaints or No Side Effects?

Altai Balance Review: Blood Sugar Scam Complaints or No Side Effects?


As many of our readers may already be aware of, blood sugar-related problems (such as diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels) currently affect a large number of people all over the globe. To put things into perspective, studies released by the World Health Organization claim that the number of people living with diabetes has risen from around the 108 million mark in 1980 to a staggering 422 million in 2014. Not only that, but the prevalence of the disease amongst young adults has also risen by nearly 100% over the aforementioned time frame.

Last but not least, over the course of the last two decades (i.e., between 2000-2020), the mortality rate associated with Type 2 diabetes also increased by a ratio of around 5% — which is extremely alarming, especially when considering that there are medicines readily available for the treatment of this condition.

That being said, Altai Balance is an all-new anti-aging formula that has been devised using a natural, proprietary blend that directly targets the root cause associated with unbalanced sugar levels. To be a bit more specific, the supplement comes packed with a total of 19 detoxifying nutrients and plant extracts that have been clinically shown to manage one’s unhealthy blood sugar levels in a totally seamless manner.

A few words of initial warning: if you experience high blood sugar, you should immediately contact a medical professional. People who ignore or self-treat blood sugar problems for too long can experience disastrous side effects and consequences. In particular, high blood sugar can cause a painful nerve damage, especially in the feet, hands, and legs. In the long-term, high blood sugar can contribute to massive problems in several major bodily organs. It is certainly not a problem that should be ignored; your doctor can give you more information about the correct treatment path for your high blood sugar.

This guide is mainly for people who have already spoken to their physician about their high blood sugar. Some people might already be taking medication for their blood sugar problem, and others may have been told that there’s nothing the traditional medical sector can do for them. Blood sugar medications are also notorious for their annoying—and sometimes downright counterproductive—side effects. Avoiding these side effects is important, but users should also never underestimate the importance of medically treating their blood sugar issues.

Supplementation has long been recognized as a potential way to obtain the benefits of blood sugar treatment without the downsides of Big Pharma’s medications. Altai Balance is one supplement in the growing field of blood sugar formulas. The official website for the all-natural 19-ingredient blood sugar support supplement claims that it is “the only product in the world” that contains “the highest-quality natural and ancient detoxifying nutrients and plants.” This isn’t anything special in this part of the supplement market; thousands of companies claim to be the most natural and healthy formulas available.

We do know that Altai Balance is manufactured right in the United States in a facility that has been vetted and approved by the FDA. All of this sounds great—but is the supplement legit? There are clearly quite a few scams in the supplement sector, and we never want our readers to fall victim to an ineffective or dangerous combination of ingredients.

This review will tell you everything you need to know about Altai Balance, from its ingredients list to the people and companies behind its recent marketing push.

A Closer Look at Altai Balance

From the outside looking in, Altai Balance is an all-new health optimizing supplement devised using more than 15 natural plants/herbal extracts. In terms of its purity, each and every capsule of this potent formula has been manufactured in a USA based facility that is FDA approved and GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified. For those of our readers who may not be aware, a GMP certification ensures that the product in question is being processed, packaged, and created under highly sterile, strict, and precise conditions.

Furthermore, Altai Balance is non-GMO based and does not contain any additional binders, fillers, toxins, or other dangerous stimulants that may have an adverse effect on one’s body later down the line. If that wasn’t enough, the product is non-habit forming in nature and can thus be used for extended periods of time without any unwanted risks.

Lastly, in terms of dosage, the manufacturer recommends that one to two capsules be taken daily in the morning along with a glass of lukewarm water. Also, if users are currently taking any medication, they should consult their GPs to ensure that their bodies do not react negatively to Altai Balance.

What Exactly Does Altai Balance Contain?


Taurine is an extremely potent compound, which has been clinically shown to support several important heart and brain functions and help in the optimal growth of our nerves when taken in recommended doses. If that wasn’t enough, some studies have suggested that Taurine’s regular use can potentially enhance one’s blood pressure levels by calming the sympathetic nervous system in a totally seamless manner.

Lastly, the compound is also known for its ability to purify our bloodstreams by eliminating harmful external agents that may have made their way into our bodies.

Licorice Root Extract

As some of our readers may be aware of, Licorice root comes loaded with many natural antioxidative agents that can help prevent numerous heart-related issues (such as hypertension, high blood pressure, etc.). Furthermore, the natural agent also possesses amazing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that may help eliminate various respiratory infections, ulcers, etc.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon is a well-known plant that comes loaded with efficacious antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in our bodies in a totally natural, seamless fashion. Thanks to its prebiotic properties, cinnamon has also been shown to enhance one’s gut health while also providing additional benefits such as:

  • It can help mitigate various heart diseases
  • Can improve the user’s sensitivity towards insulin
  • Regular intake can help lower one’s blood sugar levels as well as combat diabetes


Many studies suggest that Yarrow possesses numerous anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it ideal for the treatment of various issues such as IBS, ulcers, joint pain, stiffness, etc. Not only that, but the natural herb also comes packed with several flavonoids and alkaloids that can help relieve users of various digestive ailments in a matter of days.

Cayenne Pepper

As most people are probably aware, Cayenne Pepper is a common food additive that possesses a large number of beneficial properties. For starters, the capsaicin that is contained in cayenne peppers has been found to not only fire up our metabolic systems but also allows for additional benefits such as:

  • It may help increase the body’s core temperature, thereby making it easier for people to burn more calories and lose weight.
  • The spice comes replete with beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant that can help purify our bloodstreams and regulate our blood pressure levels.
  • Some researchers claim that regular intake of Cayenne Pepper may be beneficial when boosting one’s innate health and immunity levels.

Juniper Berries

Juniper is widely used across South East Asia because of its ability to tackle various digestive problems (such as bloating, flatulence) in a totally seamless, pain-free manner. Not only that, but clinical data also seems to be suggesting that thanks to its amazing nutritional profile, Juniper can also be used for the treatment of serious medical problems such as gastrointestinal (GI) infections, intestinal worms, urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney and bladder stones.

Gymnema Leaf

A commonly used herbal extract employed in the preparation of various ayurvedic medicines across the Indian subcontinent, Gymnema has been closely studied in recent years and found to possess the unique ability to reduce one’s unhealthy sugar cravings. Not only that, but the natural plant extract is also useful for things like:

  • Reducing one’s unhealthy blood sugar levels.
  • Increasing one’s innate insulin production capacity.
  • Elimination of unhealthy fats and triglycerides, thus allowing for a reduction of various heart-related problems.
  • It acts as a digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.

Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba leaves are traditionally obtained from Lagerstroemia speciosa trees that are native to Asia. From a compositional standpoint, Banaba is extremely rich in certain bioactive agents that may help in lowering one’s blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Not only that, some researchers believe that the natural extract can also help melt away stubborn fat deposits that may have accumulated in our bodies due to years of unhealthy living.

Bitter Melon

Commonly known as ‘Karela’ across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, bitter melon is a potent vegetable that has been shown to lower one’s blood sugar levels in a totally natural manner. From a clinical standpoint, it bears mentioning that the vegetable has a number of insulin-like properties that can help in the faster breakdown and utilization of unhealthy sugars and carbohydrates. Not only that, regular consumption of bitter melon can help spur the use of glucose in our bodies.

White Mulberry

Commonly used in preparing many traditional Chinese medicines, white mulberry has been shown to serve as a revitalizing agent for one’s heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, and spleen. Not only that, but regular ingestion can also help eliminate many common problems that are related to one’s circulatory and nervous system.

Some studies suggest that white mulberry may be an effective treatment avenue for several chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. Not only that, animal trials have shown that the fruit can possibly reduce one’s stored fat content seamlessly as well as reduce one’s unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

When taken in controlled doses, alpha-lipoic acid has the ability to reverse cellular damage that may have occurred in our bodies as a result of unhealthy living. Not only that, but it also spurs the use of important compounds such as vitamin E and vitamin C within our systems. Lastly, some studies allude to the fact that alpha-lipoic acid can potentially enhance the overall functional capacity of our nervous system, thus allowing for several diabetes-related benefits.

Vanadyl Sulfate

In its most basic sense, Vanadyl Sulfate can be thought of as an oxidized form of vanadium that can help control diabetes by reducing issues such as hyperglycemia and insulin resistance.


Other Core Facets of Altai Balance worth Noting

The supplement is totally natural and does not contain any traces of harmful toxins, stimulants, fillers, etc.

Altain Balance has been designed to help reset the body’s natural blood sugar levels in a highly straightforward, seamless manner.

In addition to regulating one’s unhealthy blood sugar levels, Altai Balance may also be useful in helping users lose weight.

When taken on a regular basis, the manufacturer claims that Altai Balance can help improve one’s heart and brain function. Not only that, it may even help improve the flexibility of our joints.

Where Can I Buy Altai Balance?

The easiest and most convenient way of making a purchase is via the official company website — i.e., https://altaibalance.com.

At the time of writing this review, users can choose from three core purchase options. They include:

The first two deals require users to pay a small shipping fee while the third option comes with free P&H. Also, each purchase comes with a full money-back guarantee in case users aren’t entirely satisfied with the product. Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure methods, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, JCB, and Discover.

Final Verdict

The evidence we were able to evaluate tells our researchers that Altai Balance has quite a bit to offer sufferers of high blood sugar. The scientific research backing many of the core ingredients is plentiful. We still believe that people with blood sugar problems should work closely with their physician in order to develop a specific, regimented treatment program. But if you’ve already done all that your doctor has recommended you, supplementation might be a particularly good way to improve your prospects.

If you fall into the latter category of consumers, Altai Balance might be for you. While Altai Balance isn’t especially cheap, the company behind this product offers several discounts for bulk purchases. A generous refund policy might also be in place, which further cements Altai Balance as a high quality potential alternative treatment for high blood sugar.


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