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All The Plastic Surgery The Cast Had Done

All The Plastic Surgery The Cast Had Done


The Real Housewives of Potomac may be Bravo’s most stunning cast. But how much of their looks are natural, and what’s been surgically enhanced?

Real Housewives of Potomac just had its most dramatic season ever. Between physical altercations, shocking revelations, and a show stealing bird named T’Challa, it was a season to remember. The stars are quickly becoming some of Bravo’s most iconic personalities. And with the extra attention, comes extra scrutiny.

The cast have been filmed getting some unique beauty procedures over the years, such as cryogenic therapy. They have also made moves in the beauty and fashion industries, from makeup lines to wigs to hat companies and perfumes. Some members of the gorgeous cast have been open about their fillers, injections, nips, and tucks. Others are less forthcoming, or will outright deny their good looks aren’t completely natural.

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Karen Huger

The self-proclaimed “grand dame” has undergone a lot of changes over five seasons. From her husband Ray “the Black Bill Gates” Huger’s legal troubles, moving from Potomac to Great Falls and back again, drama with her fellow Housewives, and her marriage troubles, it’s been quite a journey. She has also consistently upgraded her style game, and somehow manages to look younger every season! Viewers who’ve watched since the beginning surely notice small changes like her whiter teeth and blonder wigs.

The “Green Eyed Bandits” Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant have constantly accused Karen of hiding or outright lying about certain details. One of these accusations came at the season 2 reunion. When Karen was explaining her absence from an event, the BFFs dismissed her story. Gizelle claimed she was actually getting secret plastic surgery, and implied said surgery was a face lift. The La’Dame Perfume creator outright denied this, but during the same reunion, she admitted to having breast implants removed. Previously, she chalked the difference in her chest size to losing weight. She later confessed to sometimes regretting this decision during a conversation with Gizelle. Years after that reunion, Karen continued to deny getting a facelift in an appearance on Wendy Williams. However, she did admit she loves getting injections.

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In the most recent reunion, Andy Cohen even made a remark that Karen was looking different lately. The Icon Enterprises founder revealed she recently got a new procedure- injections in her nose. She claimed it was partially due to breathing trouble. Non-surgical nose jobs are actually quite common amongst many Housewives from all different cities.

Gizelle Bryant

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The season 5 reunion included a montage that highlighted both the shifting dynamics of the cast and their evolving looks. Of all the Potomac housewives, Andy commented that Gizelle’s appearance is the most consistent. The EverHue Beauty founder is open about trying all sorts of different facials and non surgical procedures to keep her youthful glow. She’s even documented some on air, such as her “vampire facial.” In 2019, the author posted an Instagram story about having fluid drained from her face. The non-surgical procedure was a way to tighten up her face and neck.

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Around the time the mom revealed her refreshed look on Instagram, she also earned headlines for reconciling with ex-husband Jamal Bryant. The pastor has been the source of many fights and arguments. Gizelle’s daughters with Jamal, as well as her father – who skipped their wedding – were clearly opposed to the recoupling. Her costars are also not keeping their thoughts to themselves. In addition to the relationship, her taste in fashion and decor has been the butt of many, many jokes this season. Like her gorgeous glow, her….unique taste has at least been consistent.

Candiace Dillard

There has been much speculation, from both viewers and cast members, that former pageant queen Candiace Dillard got a nose job. So much so that she has tried addressing it multiple times, though that hasn’t settled the debate. Viewers were taken aback when Gizelle came right out and asked if she got a nose job during the incredibly eventful stay at Monique Samuels’ lake house. Candiace denied it on air and tweeted about it as well, telling her followers “This is the same nose the Lord gave me. When I get it done, I’ll take y’all with me to the surgery slab”.

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Some think side by side photos prove her nose is natural, while others still don’t buy it. There have also been suggestions that instead of going under the knife, she is simply able to make her nose look smaller thanks to makeup and contour. At the moment, however, Candiace’s intense feud with former friend Monique is getting so much attention her nose is no longer the topic of conversation.

Monique Samuels

Monique Samuels

Speaking of Candiace’s friend turned foe, the Not For Lazy Moms founder and podcaster is all about natural remedies, like her obsession with essential oils. But that doesn’t mean she’s against certain surgical enhancements. Monique has openly admitted to having a breast augmentation. In a throwback post with husband Chris, she captioned the Instagram photo “pre-marriage, kids, and breast implants”. The 2007 pic shows Monique’s face still looks the same- aside from the pencil thin eyebrows that were in style at the time. T’Challa’s guardian also fought off social media comments accusing her of skin bleaching, claiming her complexion appearing different in certain scenes was simply the result of lighting.

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Ashley Darby

ashley darbys wig in rhop

The youngest Potomac Housewife was overjoyed when she finally got a baby, son Dean Darby. However, the “Coffee and Love” singer also dealt with some serious postpartum struggles. She was very open about her postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts. Things only got worse when her husband Michael once again found himself in hot water.

In the midst of this, Ashley revealed she was getting a certain procedure that shocked her castmates. It would involve botox, but that wasn’t the surprising part. The injection would actually be to repair a tear in her “bootyhole” that occured when she gave birth to Dean. Karen waxed poetically about the wonders of botox after hearing the news.

The Real Housewives of Potomac cast loves to stir drama and rumors, so it’s likely future plastic surgery revelations will come out. Whether it’s a full book of receipts like Monique brought to the reunion, or the blunt callouts from Gizelle, who knows what the ladies will accuse each other of next. Especially as season 6 is reportedly set to begin filming early 2021.

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