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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace: ‘My new bum will make me a million pounds!’

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace: ‘My new bum will make me a million pounds!’


She’s no stranger to plastic surgery, having had a boob job and liposuction last year, but after recently going under the knife to have a Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace admits she finally has the “hourglass” figure she’s always wanted.

Debuting the results for our naked photo shoot, it’s clear she’s delighted. “I feel womanly and curvy, and I’m excited to be naked!” Aisleyne, 42, tells Closer. “I love the results and I want everyone to see what a good bum job is supposed to look like. I feel empowered because it’s what I wanted, and it looks fantastic.”

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Before her bum op ©Getty Images

Aisleyne flew to Marbella in mid-December to undergo the procedure, having spent 10 months deliberately gaining weight to ensure she had enough fat to inject into her bottom – a period she enjoyed. She says, “I put on around a stone and half. It was a fun time because I was eating waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I’ve had fat taken from areas I found difficult to lose weight from, which I love, including my back, my flanks and my belly.”

And the reality TV star, who shot to fame with her no-nonsense attitude on Big Brother in 2006, openly admits she’s been inspired by Kim Kardashian. The US mega star has attracted worldwide attention with her voluptuous curves, although she has denied having surgery to her bottom.

“I want to be the British, blonde Kim Kardashian,” Aisleyne laughs. “I’ve always liked the look of the Kardashians, with their hips and waists. I love the whole hourglass Jessica Rabbit look. I remember seeing that picture of Kim with the champagne glass resting on her bum and thinking, ‘That looks amazing, let me see if I can find a doctor who can give me that, so I did.’”

Aisleyne adds that she also admires mum-of-four Kim – who is training to become a lawyer by 2022 and is a prison reform advocate – for her brains. “I respect Kim for all the work she does with the justice system, and I’d love to do what she does, working with prisoners and helping free innocent people,” says Aisleyne. “She’s proof that you can be sexy, beautiful and help others. I don’t have millions of followers, but Kim has inspired me to use my platform in the best way. At the moment, I’m helping to push through a petition that all social media accounts should be verified with proof of identity. Where I can make a difference, I’ll try to. ”

Aisleyne horgan wallace

‘I feel womanly and curvy’ ©James Rudland

While there’s been criticism surrounding the controversial BBL op – which saw mother-of-three Leah Cambridge die on the operating table mid-op in August 2019, and has been performed on other celebs such as Bianca Gascoigne and Chloe Sims – Aisleyne says she thoroughly researched the surgery.

She adds, “It’s one of the most dangerous operations and I haven’t thought about it lightly. I’ve seen lots of girls who have surgery in the UK and their bums look like wet nappies! It looks droopy, and then they end up getting more work done. It’s not something you can scrimp on. I’d been looking into it for years until I found my surgeon Dr Aslani, who could give me the results I was looking for. I’ve had what’s called a ‘supercharged’ BBL, where they use a mesh implant for extra support, and I’m thrilled with how it looks.”

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“I’m so grateful for Big Brother and the life it’s given me. I was living in hostels and now I’m a property mogul. When it ended, I had 15 agents waiting to meet me – I didn’t even know what an agent was!”

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“I met Jack Whitehall at a party years ago and we had great time. He was a beautiful young boy and I took advantage. Mike Tyson was a gentleman and kind [they dated in 2008]. We’d had similar tough life experiences and bonded.”

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“I’ve just filmed Ex In The City – it was supposed to be Ex On The Beach but it had to be filmed here because of COVID. I’d love to do a dancing show and I think I’d be hilarious on I’m A Celeb!.”

She also sought the advice of her close pal, ex-glamour model Nicola McLean, who had a “mummy makeover” in 2018, involving a breast reduction and liposuction on her tummy. She says, “Nicola and I both like surgery and coming out as new women! But we like different looks. She doesn’t like the big bums, but when I sent her pictures, she said, ‘Oh my God – it really does look good.’ She tells me off when I suggest things that are too extra, but with the bum she knew there was no stopping me!”

Meanwhile, Aisleyne launched her OnlyFans account last year – the subscription-paid site where users can sell sizzling snaps of themselves in return for money – and also counts Kerry Katona and Lauren Goodger as users. And she’s confident her new look will attract attention and help her become “quid’s in”.

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With her friend Nicola McLean ©Getty Images

The star – who is single and admits her dream man is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – explains, “It will definitely boost my earnings because I’m adding something new for fans of curvier girls.

“I think my new bum will make me a fresh, cool million! Men are really inquisitive, so I know I’ll get more interaction. But it’s not just men, I have lots of friendly women who ask about my bum.”

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She adds, “I debated whether to do OnlyFans for a long time, but I was a young glamour model for years where other people profited, and now I’m capitalising on myself.

“I see myself as a product, like a tin of beans. I’m in control now and I can make a lot of money in that field, so why not?”

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Most surprisingly, Aisleyne admits it was US rapper Cardi B who encouraged her. “I saw she had signed up, so we chatted on Instagram and she encouraged me to go for it,” she says. “Cardi B reminds me of myself, but with more money! People have opinions about the site, but I’ve had criticism my whole life, and I don’t mind a little more!”

After having liposuction on her chin and arms last year, as well as a laser procedure to tighten her eyelids, Aisleyne insists she won’t be going under the knife again soon. She says, “I’m not addicted to surgery. I might have a facelift, but that’s a long way off. I achieved the look that I wanted, and I think, what a time to be alive where you can change your shape according to your desires.”

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