Home Facial Treatments Adjuva Primary Care recalibrates the provider-patient relationship and provides curated health plans

Adjuva Primary Care recalibrates the provider-patient relationship and provides curated health plans

Adjuva Primary Care recalibrates the provider-patient relationship and provides curated health plans


Adjuva Primary Care opened in May 2021 and offers services to adults in the neighboring communities of Northlake. The health care center is co-owned by married couple Dr. Margaret “Maggs” Stinnett and her husband Jeremy and focuses on redeveloping the health care experience.

There is a story behind the name Adjuva, Dr. Stinnett said.

“It comes from the Latin word ‘adjuvant’ which means ‘helping towards,’” she said. “We believe health care is a collaborative relationship between the patient and provider, and we want to help people meet their individual health needs through curated plans that match their lifestyle and needs.”

Adjuva is an adult-only medical clinic that offers a variety of services, including preventive care, well women’s exams, weight loss management, bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women, and small procedural options as well as environmental allergy testing and options for immunology treatment.

“Most people don’t know this, but immunology treatment for allergies is considered preventative care,” Dr. Stinnett said. “Most insurances will cover the cost for this treatment if it is deemed necessary to prevent chronic issues with your sinuses—and we all know that Texas allergies are significant.”

In addition to standard exams, Dr. Stinnett is hormone certified and can optimize Bio-identical hormone therapy for men and women as well as thyroid complications. The medical clinic also offers a range of aesthetic services, including microneedling, Neurotoxins such as Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Filler such as Juvederm, Kybella, PDO Thread lifts, and medical-grade facials and chemical peels.

“We’re striving to treat the adult patient as a whole and target all aspects of life that we may develop or go through as adults,” Dr. Stinnett said. “Our strategy is to target all aspects of healthcare and target the emotional and physical health of each individual so that the quality of life improves.”

Dr. Stinnett said she strives to take the most functional medication approach to treat her patients instead of going immediately to the pharmaceutical route. This process involves a prolonged visit with detailed discussion so she can best develop a plan that fits an individual’s goal and lifestyle.

Jeremy said the providers at Adjuva do not want a quick fix and or to put a Band-Aid on a problem, and the difference is evident in the time and attention providers give their patients to educate them about their health.

“People don’t understand the lack of attention they’re getting,” Jeremy said. “Then they’ll come to Adjuva and learn more in the 30 minutes than they’ve ever learned before in a medical visit in their life.”

Both Dr. Stinnett and Jeremy said educating people about their health drives people to take ownership of their health care and gives them the opportunity to manage their health that meets their needs.. One of the larger goals at Adjuva is for patients to recalibrate their expectations for doctors visits.

“If people never understand what they are being told, they will never understand how to fix and combat the problem,” Dr. Stinnett said. “We are redeveloping the approach to health care with our patients with a more in depth preventative approach that will aid in avoiding hospitalizations and all the complications that come with it.”

In addition to helping people understand their health and develop accessible treatment plans, Dr. Stinnett said she hopes to help people develop a healthier approach to their healthcare and improve the quality through the aging process.

“Everything that we’ve been through with coronavirus has impacted people’s health on multiple levels, and I hope the mindset has changed where people want to take care of their bodies,” she said. “You can prevent so many future issues by just getting a checkup and knowing more about your current state of health.”

Adjuva is located in Northlake and serves the neighboring communities including Justin, Elizabethtown, Keller, Rhome, Argyle, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Corral City, Westlake, Southlake, Haslet, Grapevine, Colleyville and Watauga. Find more information about services, providers and staff at Adjuva on the website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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