Home Facial Treatments Acne Clarifying Facial + HD Pimple Popping | {Super Informative} | Jadeywadey180

Acne Clarifying Facial + HD Pimple Popping | {Super Informative} | Jadeywadey180

Acne Clarifying Facial + HD Pimple Popping | {Super Informative} | Jadeywadey180

Hey Babes!
Todays first episode of my SkincareSeries is all about ACNE! I wanted to share a behind the scenes of my custom Acne Clarifying Facial on my little brother Stephen! He has been struggling with deep comedones and scars from when he used to pick at his skin. We started doing consistent monthly facials 5 months ago and his skin has dramatically gotten better {it used to be all over his cheeks and chin} Before he was using Epiduo & Differen which were REALLY breaking him out but I created a specific regimen fo him that consists of natural & medical professional grade products with bacteria fighting ingredients! I have been preforming facials with these products for years and have seen them work wonders for many of my clients skin so just wanted to share!

if you are interested in anything I used please start with just ONE product to add in to you regimen and then grow from there. This will help you determine what works for you or not instead of buying all at once! This video was %1000 NOT sponsored by anyone but myself & I created it to help anyone out there that has the same problems as my brother! I hope it works even for just one of you! Love you Skin Junkies and hope you enjoyed this first video! Please let me know in the comments what you would like to see next! XO

Products Used:

Drugstore recommendation-
Cetaphil Wash :
Recommended to my brother by his dermatologist

** Update he is now using Skin Ceuticals in place of cetaphil!

Lucrece Acne Salicylic Cleanser :

20% off code: JADE

ZO Skin Health Gommage Scrub
ZO Skin Health Effects Te Pads

LIGHT STIM light for Acne {Blue light}

Cosmedix Activated Charcoal Mask:

Lucrece Sensitive Skin Cream

Lucrece Acne Clarifying Cream

SCAR GEL: Babes this is the BEST Ive found for acne scars or any type of scars

Yay! Ok I hope this helps any of you! Please feel free to comment if it does! XOXO

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