Home Plastic Surgery A Transformational Scarless Lower Blepharoplasty With Dr. Chopra

A Transformational Scarless Lower Blepharoplasty With Dr. Chopra

A Transformational Scarless Lower Blepharoplasty With Dr. Chopra


Dr. Karan Chopra was guided and advised by visionaries of the field with hands-on experience at the esteemed Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. There he honed his skills in complex facial and orbital reconstructive surgery at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; completing a dual aesthetic and oculoplastic fellowship with Dr. Mark Codner, and subsequently trained in peripheral nerve surgery with Dr. A. Lee Dellon. At the forefront of advancing cosmetic surgery, his revolutionary techniques and artful hand yield natural-looking results unique to each of his patients. Recognized for his prominent education and training pedigree, Dr. Chopra is revered for his leadership and research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has authored 53 peer-reviewed research articles and has given over 20 lectures across the U.S. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Karan Chopra explains how a Lower Blepharoplasty can transform tired, heavy lower lids into tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Dr. ChopraPhoto Credit: ShutterstockAs we go through all life throws at us, the skin of the lower eyelids loses elasticity, creating dark circles, and bags. Whether this occurs due to genetics, or as a result of sun damage or life stressors, looking older than you feel can lead to lower self-esteem.

Who is it for?

To transform tired, heavy lower lids into tighter, more youthful-looking skin, younger patients can consider a Scarless Lower Blepharoplasty. Dr. Karan Chopra, an expert in eyelid surgery with an oculoplastic fellowship, specializes in eyelid aesthetics and uses cutting-edge techniques. His artful hand and trained eye shape a natural, revived look that boosts morale.

What sets Dr. Chopra’s technique apart?

Dr. Chopra’s Scarless Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty uses an internal transconjunctival incision made behind the eyelid, allowing the procedure to heal without any externally visible scarring. Through this space, the prolapsed orbital fat is carefully repositioned to create a smooth lower lid, softening the transition to the cheek.

Dr. Chopra recommends that patients who have redundant, puffy skin on the lower eyelid, be treated with chemical peels or lasers, such as a CO2 Laser to tighten the skin. If there is excess tissue, a skin pinch is a strategic solution that removes a few millimeters of loose lower eyelid skin. Hidden beneath the eyelashes where eyeliner is typically placed, he makes a fine, external incision and removes the excess skin. While this may leave a small inconspicuous mark, any scarring typically fades within a few months after the procedure.

The Benefit of Pairing Procedures

Dr. Chopra prides himself on bringing the patient’s larger vision to life. To do this, he considers the overall aesthetic of the face. Because the cheeks are close to the lower eyelids, his patients commonly combine Scarless Lower Blepharoplasties with volumizing cheek procedures. Plastic surgery’s latest innovation, fat grafting is a long-lasting, permanent solution that addresses the signs of facial aging by replacing lost volume with the patient’s own fat. Patients seeking fuller, rosy cheeks that do not require repeat maintenance visits can opt for this technique. Dr. Chopra harvests fat from the abdomen or thighs, processes it into nano fat, and injects it into the cheek area, sculpting a lasting, plump, and youthful shape.

Lower BlepharoplastyPhoto Credit: Dr. Karan ChopraWhat to Expect During Recovery

This 45-minute outpatient procedure is performed under “twilight” anesthesia where the patient is relaxed and comfortable without a breathing tube. A tender, sensitive area, patients should expect the area surrounding the eyes to swell and bruise during the first few days post-surgery, subsiding by the second week. Any intense activity should be avoided for at least a week.

While patients report minor discomfort the first day, they can shower within a day; most feel better by day two, and return to work within a week. Any remaining bruises can be camouflaged with makeup. Exercise can resume within three weeks and increase over time. Most patients see optimal results come through weeks 4-6.

Dr. Chopra’s Scarless Lower Blepharoplasty procedures empower his patients to begin emotional healing and reclaim their youth. Through his extended ENVISIONS consultation, you will discuss history, goals and assess the region with a friendly and caring team. Contact Dr. Chopra and his team today to begin your confidence-boosting journey.

If you’re interested in seeing Dr. Karan Chopra as a patient, contact him directly at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic Surgery in Burnsville, MN at 952-435-0177 or by email at Info@TCPlasticSurgery.com. Follow Dr. Chopra on Instagram @karanchopramd


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