A MASTER WITH THE CUTS: Dr. Chiddy creates and edits amazing content straight from the surgery room!


These days, healthcare is basically synonymous with social media.

As more people turn to the internet to provide them with answers to pressing questions regarding their health, it is important, now more than ever, for medical professionals to provide a safe space for patients to learn about their practices and procedures. Dr. Jerry Chidester (aka “Dr. Chiddy”) understands the importance of using social media to enhance the value of his medical practice, and he’s become really good at it.

Dr. Chiddy is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose specialties include face, body, breast and hand. He performs complex hand and upper extremity surgery, as well as breast cancer reconstruction, his trademarked SoMe® breast augmentation procedure, tummy tucks, “Mommy makeovers”, Brazilian butt lifts, high definition liposuction, fat transfers, and much more. He also takes pride in his ability to be able to provide a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and performs gender reaffirmation surgeries.

Aside from that, he’s also a social media guru who uses his growing platform to inform, educate, and inspire others. Medical information spreads like wildfire on the internet thanks in large part to social media. And one of the best ways to address this problem is for doctors and healthcare professionals to become more involved with social media so that they can not only connect with current and prospective patients, but also share accurate, evidence-based healthcare information with the general public.

When he’s not performing life-changing surgeries or spending time with his wife Mindee and their three children, Dr. Chiddy is busy producing social media content that not only inspires and informs people, but also makes them laugh, and gives them a behind-the-scenes look into his day-to-day life as a surgeon, husband, and father.

Predominantly utilizing Instagram and TikTok, Dr. Chiddy shares information about healthcare in a relatable and fun way. He incorporates humor and personality into his posts, and the way that he uses videos, photos and graphics to present information makes his content easy to understand and digest while scrolling through your feed.

Today’s culture is absolutely obsessed with social media. In fact, the top smartphone apps of 2020 were are ALL social media apps (TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, in that order), and you’d be hard-pressed to find a demographic of patients who don’t use at least one of those.

By utilizing social media, Dr. Chiddy can find new patients, advertise his treatments and showcase what he has to offer. Unlike most other doctors on social media, however, he gives followers a unique glimpse into his operating room.

With the informed written and verbal consent of his patients, Dr. Chiddy shares surgery videos and photos almost daily to help educate his followers and debunk the myths that surround elective plastic surgery, while also easing any fears or worries they may have about a particular procedure. His passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise about plastic surgery helps patients to feel better about going under the knife. 

Dr. Chiddy’s private practice, “Jerry Chidester, MD”—located in Draper, Utah—has grown very quickly in its first year of operation. He officially opened his office back in January 2020 right before the pandemic forced lockdowns across the country. And while some private practitioners have had to scale back their operations or, even worse, shut them down completely, Dr. Chiddy is dealing with the complete opposite and has been growing at an unconventional pace.

Thanks to social media and patient referrals, he is completely booked through Summer 2022 — which means that his strategy of showcasing his work and going the extra mile by giving followers an inside look at his practice is definitely working.

While Dr. Chiddy’s social media presence is undoubtedly helping to grow his practice, the bigger picture is that he’s taking control of the conversation surrounding plastic surgery to help educate and empower people. As a result, Dr. Chiddy is able to satisfy his passion for helping others beyond the four walls of his office, and other doctors should definitely be taking notes.

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