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90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Yara Zaya Denies Having Had Plastic Surgery

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Yara Zaya Denies Having Had Plastic Surgery


TLC - 90 Day Fiancé: Yara Zaya90 Day Fiancé spoilers tease that Yara Zaya is denying having had plastic surgery, despite rampant rumors began by fans who think she looks radically different on her current social media photos and on 90 Day Fiancé because of an old video of her on a Ukranian dating show.

TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Yara Zaya Addressed The Rumors On A Recent Instagram Q & A

Viewers have flooded the Internet with their opinions based on seeing this old video that Yara has had both breast augmentation and a nose job. The rumors have gotten back to Yara, who decided to address them on a recent Instagram question and answer session. There is no doubt that Yara is a beautiful young woman, and viewers were impressed with her style, confident gait and perfect makeup, as Jovi Dufren obviously was as well. That being said, as Yara’s and Jovi’s storyline has evolved on the TLC show, it seemed like her appearance did as well. In the question and answer session, however, the beautiful blonde denied going under the knife for any surgeries whatsoever.

She did admit that she does have her hair colored because she was born with toilet colored hair – her wording – but what woman hasn’t at some point in her life? The old dating show video in question was recorded when she was barely nineteen and saying she was on the prowl for rich foreign men! Back then, Yara said she didn’t believe in love, but who knows what the old show was about? Viewers found only a short clip, and that may not tell the whole story; it could have even been a scripted show with rigged dates! Maybe it could have been titled “Women On The Prowl!”

TLC – 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers – Yara Zaya Has Confirmed That She And Jovi Dufren Have A Baby Daughter

Jovi and Yara spent their one year wedding anniversary along with their baby daughter in Miami, Florida, and more recently they have been in California, Los Angeles to be exact. A sneaky fan got a candid shot of them while in Miami with baby girl Dufren as they were having a meal. The photo is from the side but that does look like the couple, Jovi in particular. That is a big change from when Yara first came to New Orleans, complaining about Jovi’s excess drinking and threatening to go to Budapest even after they married. She has appeared to chill out a little bit about Jovi’s drinking, but then maybe with becoming a daddy he’s cut down a little.

Some fans still aren’t sure whether they can believe Yara when she says she’s never had any plastic surgery though – not even a residual baby belly can be seen on more recent photos! Back to the question and answer session, one brazen fan even had the nerve to ask if her boobs were fake! Yara bluntly wrote back that many think that but no, they’re real! Then she followed that with saying her bottom was real and flat as a pancake! She did admit to lip injections but they were about four years ago. She hadn’t been happy with them, but she did say she may change her mind someday! As far as her different looking faces on Instagram, maybe they’re just the result of photo editing software or phone filters!

Stay tuned to 90 Day Fiancé and keep checking 90 Day Fiancé spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!


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