Home Facial Treatments 7 Shasta County court cases to catch up on from “Botox parties” and beyond

7 Shasta County court cases to catch up on from “Botox parties” and beyond

7 Shasta County court cases to catch up on from “Botox parties” and beyond


Like many local industries, the criminal justice system has been thoroughly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. At various times in 2020, the virus postponed hearings, moved them online or otherwise shuffled the typical proceedings inside the halls of the Shasta County Superior Court. 

Despite its irregularities, the year saw developments in some of the more captivating criminal cases: A chiropractor was convicted, a massage therapist was sentenced to a year in jail and an attorney accused of trying to kill his family had a trial date set. 

Catch up on those cases and others with our list of seven inquiries that have caught the public eye. 

‘Botox parties’

A Redding doctor accused of participating in a Botox scheme that reportedly left three women deformed has been convicted of a misdemeanor. Dr. Larry Pyle entered a no contest plea to the charge that he helped a woman, Susan Tancreto, practice medicine without a valid license or authorization.

Pyle was initially charged with a felony but had it reduced. He was sentenced to one day in jail and ordered to pay $700 in fines, according to court records. 

Left to right: Susan Ann Tancreto and Dr. Larry Pyle

The DA had accused Tancreto of posing as a nurse to give people illegal injections and alleged she did so for nearly two years, ending in late 2015. Women told investigators Tancreto had organized “Botox parties.”

Tancreto’s case continues to play out, as she hasn’t taken a plea deal. She faces a much longer list of 37 criminal charges, including 13 counts of felony battery with serious injury, 19 counts of felony mayhem and two misdemeanor counts of practicing medicine without proper certification. 

Tancreto’s next hearing is scheduled for March 4. 

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