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Body hair has been a big subject for the past year, with salon closures and less time spent on appointments and maintenance treatments. Since the government announcement for beauty salons and treatments to reopen, laser hair removal treatments have seen a rise in demand and interest. Here are some reasons why you might need to consider it and the benefits it can bring to your .

1 Save time

Sometimes body areas are left with troublesome hairs and undesired fuzz. Shaving and waxing involve stress, mess, and inconvenience which can be resolved by booking an effective laser treatment. With a busy and demanding , it can be hard to find the time to shave or wax. Save time by booking a treatment that will leave you with longer-lasting results! You can simply fit the treatments into your lunch break and as there’s no downtime needed, you can resume your daily schedule immediately after.

2 Reduction of ingrown hairs

Say goodbye to red, itchy, and irritated skin by obtaining smooth and silky results without a razor. When you shave, you cut the hair at the base of the skin this leaves the skin to trap and causes ingrown hairs, infection, or even discoloration (pigmentation) to the skin. Using advanced Gentle Max Pro technology by Syneron Candela clinic professionals can target the hair follicle at the root of the hair bulb, laser hair removal treatments eradicate the risk of stubborn ingrown hairs.

3 An investment

As well as the time you will be saving money long term. Consider how much money have you spent on razors, hair removal cream, and waxing strips? Removing hair via a laser and getting it done properly means saving a lot of money in the long run, compared to other hair removal methods and products.

We have done the maths for you. If you purchase a £3 pack of razors each month, plus spend £150 on a full body wax, that’s £153 per month just maintaining body hair without long-term results. Over a year, that comes to £1836! With laser hair removal treatment, the number of treatments you require is dependent on the area you wish to have treated. Typically, a course of 8 treatments is required and prices start from £65 or approximately £2000 for a full body. And after 10 years of shaving and waxing, that is approximately £18,360.

4 Up to 80% hair reduction

Laser hair removal treatments get to the root of the problem by targeting the pigment in the hair and destroying the hair follicle. Surprisingly body hair grows in stages the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases, each strand of hair is in different phases. Once the follicle is destroyed with laser in the “growth” phase, its life cycle is stunted and the hair is eliminated. This is the reason why you would need a course of treatments to ensure the hairs are targeted at all stages and the most effective results are seen. As your treatment journey proceeds, you’ll start noticing less repeated hair growth over time.

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