26 Powerful Women Offer Their Best Beauty and Professional Advice


Hope Gillerman, founder of H. Gillerman Organics

Career Counsel: “I always come back to these words: ‘Stay present, trust your intuition and don’t rush the creative process. If you take your time you will know when you have it right.’”

Best Beauty Tip: “Clean-beauty makeup artist Katey Denno taught me how to make my eyelashes fan out and look bigger, so I follow her credo: ‘If nothing else…give your eyelashes a good curl!’”

Desert Island Product: “Organic jojoba oil as it is the most versatile, long-lasting and natural beauty product. You can use it on your hair, body and face as it is noncomedogenic. Studies point to jojoba’s, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and anti-aging benefits—plus it doesn’t go rancid.”

Power Moves: “As an empath by profession, I need to release my emotional reactions throughout my day. If I don’t keep these in check, I can exhaust myself on the ‘small stuff’ and feel powerless to help my clients. I get grounded and regain my poise, and my voice by inhaling essential oils while practicing my breathing coordination exercise. I relax and slow down my exhale until I am breathing about nine, full, deep breaths per minute.” 

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