13 Best Anti-Aging Hand Creams to Shop in 2021: Nécessaire, Supergoop, More


best antiaging hand creams in 2021

Our hands don’t always get the most protection in the winter months, save from being shoved in pockets, or wrapped in a cozy pair of gloves. While we often recognize the importance of layering serums, moisturizers, and protective sunscreens on our faces, many dermatologists say the same methods can be applied to the skin on our fingers and hands, too. “I think hands are the next frontier,” dermatologist and founder of Idriss Dermatology in NYC Shereene Idriss tells BAZAAR.com. “First it was the face, then the neck and the chest, and now we’re moving on to hands—I’m happy that people are finally catching up.” Since our hands are used for just about everything, frequent wear-and-tear can strip away their natural skin barrier, and increase their need for moisture to help repair it.

The skin on your hands is much thinner than what’s on your face and more surprisingly more sensitive, which is why we should pay extra special attention to its care. “The hands experience skin aging in the same way that our face, neck and décolleté do, and in fact, it is often said that you can tell someone’s age just by looking at their hands,” explains dermatologist Marisa Garshick. “This is because not only is the skin on the top of the hands very delicate and can more easily show signs of aging. The hands are often neglected when it comes to regular sun protection and the cumulative UV exposure over time can lead to skin changes. For this reason there are some hand creams designed to specifically target anti-aging concerns,” she adds. Although the same anti-aging ingredients used in face products can also work for the hands, the concentration and combination of ingredients in each may vary.

To help you find the best anti-aging hand creams to use for supreme hydration and winter-proof protection, we asked a few dermatologists about some of their favorites to recommend to clients, or use themselves to combat seasonal dryness. Read on for 13 of their go-to moisturizing picks, below.

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The Hand Cream

“We look at our hands more than our face so yes you should be using anti-aging creams on your hands!,” explains Azadeh Shirazi, a board-certified dermatologist at La Jolla Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in La Jolla, CA. “I love Nécessaire’s The Hand Cream because it’s fragrance-free, very rich and moisturizing, and doesn’t feel sticky on my skin afterwards.”


Hand and Nail Cream

Rich in antioxidants, Garshick swears by this hand cream to protect skin from free radical damage. Since it also incorporates grapeseed oil, vinolevure, and shea butter, it’s also ideal to help keep it moisturized in colder weather.


Handscreen SPF 40

Both Garshick and Shirazi recommend this broad-spectrum hand cream from Supergoop, which contains antioxidants to help protect the skin on your hands against free radical damage while brighten its overall tone.


Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

“One of my favorite hand creams is from Beauty Pie—they have a nice Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment,” Idriss says. “However, you don’t necessarily have to use a treatment specifically for the hands. I advocate using beauty products that you have lying around on your shelf and not having them go to waste. If you have a retinol that might’ve been too harsh for your face, give it a try on the back of your hands.”


Working Hands Hand Cream

“I am obsessed with O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. It’s great, especially if you’re somebody who washes your hands a lot throughout the day like most healthcare workers,” Idriss adds.


Cold Plasma Plus+ Hand Therapy

“This hand cream uses shea butter to help boost moisture, phospholipids to strengthen the skin barrier, and glycine (an amino acid) that can help to improve the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” explains Garshick.


Ultra Smoothing Intensely Hydrating Cream

Both Idriss and Shirazi count themselves as fans of this lactic acid-based hand cream from AmLactin, as the ingredient has been proven to help with cell turnover and can help rejuvenate the appearance of your skin overtime.  


H.E.O. Balm

“And Medik8’s moisture-boosting H.E.O. Balm uses humectants, emollients and occlusives leaving the skin on the hand looking healthy and hydrated,” Garshick says.


Volumizing Hand Cream

Garshick also suggests using this anti-wrinkle hand cream to brighten and moisturize skin while improving its overall dryness and crepiness. It’s formulated with NIA-114 which works to strengthen the skin barrier.


Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

“I also love using Neutrogena’s Norwegian Hand Cream during winter months,” Idriss adds, “since the formula is extremely thick and deeply moisturizing.”


Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Board-certified dermatologist Shari Sperling, D.O. recommends this anti-aging hand cream to her clients, as it contains vitamins A, C, and, E, plus retinol to encourage cell turnover.


Healing Ointment

“Applying a heavy ointment like this one to damp skin and covering your hands in white cotton gloves for 30 minutes to an hour can really helps hydrate the skin, as you seal in moisture using this technique,” Shirazi says.


Hand Repair Cream

“In terms of deeply moisturizing creams for drier hands in winter, I personally tend to favor Skinfix’s Eczema Plus,” she adds.

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