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10 trending non-surgical cosmetic beauty treatments

10 trending non-surgical cosmetic beauty treatments


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We have been on our phones and computers more than ever these past 2 years, from Zoom meetings to FaceTime calls, never have we stared at our faces more – and had the chance to pick out every little thing that’s wrong. There’s also a trend of wanting that ‘I woke up like this’ effortlessly perfect, sans makeup look since who’s really putting on makeup anymore to stay home? Cosmetic clinics around the world have reported surges in bookings for surgical and non-surgical treatments following the pandemic to ‘fix’ features like wrinkles, crooked noses, sagging skin, small lips, puffy eyes, etc and look more like a flawless filter.

Thankfully, with technology advances, going under the knife isn’t always necessary anymore and non-surgical treatments have taken over with impressive impacts from lasers, fillers and peels. Here are the top procedures that are currently trending:

10 Brow Lamination

Fluffy brows are in. The microblading alternative has taken over the gram ‘laminates’ your brows so they stay straight up and perfectly in place for up to 6 weeks. It’s non-invasive compared to microblading, as it uses your own brows and adds a gentle perm solution, neutralizing lotion, and moisturizing treatment to straighten and lift for the perfect geled-in-place look.

Where to get the best Brow Lamination in Vancouver? Maryam Collahi Studio

9 Veneers

Veneers are like the new designer handbags. Everyone who’s anyone has them, and the rest want them. Smiling with the perfect bright, pearly whites has become one of the most sought after facial features, with women (and men) shaving down their teeth, for composite or porcelain fakes.

Where to get the best Veneers in Vancouver? Yaletown Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry

8 PDO Thread Lift

Made popular by Kendall Jenner’s ‘fox eyes’, the biggest transformational treatment since the surgical facelift, PDO threads give you the same(ish) look, without the knife. Although it does take a giant needle, the treatment lifts and tightens your skin with sutures and helps rebuild collagen – given you a younger all over look.

Where to get the best PDO Threads in Vancouver? EverYoung Laser and Skin Care Clinic

7 Lip Filler

Lip fillers have been a huge trend already, but maybe it’s that everyone and their dog seems to have them now, that’s making this the numero uno ask in the clinic. With new styles and techniques changing like your underwear, it’s easy to see why this is in such high demand and will continue to be. We’re currently digging the Russian technique.

Where to get the best Lip Filler in Vancouver? Caviar Skin Clinic

6 Botox

It’s on the list, because it can’t not be. Botox is the gateway drug to most other treatments and everyone gets wrinkles (eventually).

Where to get the best Botox in Vancouver? Project Skin

5 Cheek Filler

Of all the fillers, cheeks are having a moment in the spotlight – most likely thanks to filters that contour the sh*t out of your face.  The trend is moving toward a heart-shaped face that lifts the eye area and gives you the high cheekbone definition of a doe-eyed model.

Where to get the best Filler in Vancouver? The Vanity Lab

4 Ultherapy

Everyone’s talking about Ultherapy.  It’s quickly become the leading non-surgical skin tightening treatment because it stimulates collagen production deep in the skin and in less than an hour, you have can tighter and firmer skin with no surgery or downtime. It also continues working for months after.

Where to get the best Ultherapy in Vancouver? Vancouver Laser Clinic

3 Body Contouring

Both men and women are after that snatched body. The ideal body type for women has become the perfect hourglass with a flat stomach, which is virtually impossible to attain naturally (and no, a million squats won’t get you that body alone). For men, they want the inverted pyramid with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. Both are done with a variety of treatments, depending on what your body currently looks like. Fat reduction procedures like SculpSure, skin tightening like Thermage and muscle-enhancements like Emsculpt are all used to create the perfect sculpture.

On the less intense procedure side – lymphatic drainage massages are an alternative to help reduce bloating and make sure everything’s flowing.  With a focus on the stomach, it can give you more of the hourglass figure as well.

Where to get the best Body Contouring in Vancouver? The Skin Girls

2 Facial Massage

If you’re looking to get that lifted and tightened face, but not into Botox, fillers and lasers, au-natural facial massages might be you thing.  You may have heard of a little device called ‘gua sha’ that’s become a ticket in everyone’s home and is now being used along with facial massage treatments. Facial massages are supposed to lift and tighten, boost circulation and drain any stagnant lymph nodes to give you a youthful look again.

Where to get the best Facial Massage in Vancouver? Sanatio Spa

1 Microneedling

Microneedling has been trending for the last few years big time, so it’s nothing new.  What is new, is having at-home pens and rollers you can safely use yourself.  While the at-home devices are less invasive and less effective than in-clinic’s, the purpose to help your skin care products work better, is highly effective.  If you like to leave it to the pros, microneedling is definitely a game-changer for skin texture, pigment and fine lines.

Where to get Microneedling in Vancouver? NuAGE Laser and Skin Care


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