⭐ASMR [Sub] Relaxing Facial Acupuncture Roleplay 💖 Layered Sounds, Soft Spoken


⭐Hello there, I’m Doctor Noa, welcome to this acupuncture session. I’ll help you relax and get rid of all the tension by putting these little needles on your face. Just relax and let’s get started 🙂
00:00 Welcome to this facial Acupuncture treatment
00:39 Explaining the treatment, soft spoken
01:29 Writing on your face
03:34 Spray, and hand sounds
04:46 Facial Acupuncture
08:40 Removing the needles
11:12 Face tracing and massage with cotton swab
13:52 Cleaning your face

⭐I’m Noa, I’m Chilean and I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Japanese: Hi! Hola! こんにちは! I hope you can relax and enjoy my ASMR videos, because everything is made with all my love and good vibes for you💖
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